Drip for Less

Today is your lucky day!! I’m going to share my favorite fashion secret: Ross. It’s my go-to store for trendy, quality clothes and accessories. Let me be the one to tell you all about what I really get into. I find the best deals but only if I’m in the mood to shop and actually look for stuff. All my sisters out there know what I mean when you really don’t want to shop but you do it anyways just to pass time!! I know some of y’all are wondering what the heck i’m talking about because Ross can definitely get trashy but some stores are definitely better than others.

Recently, I went to a Ross in San Antonio where I found all the accessories featured in my cover pic. They’ve been starting to carry a lot of name-brand jewelry for basically a steal. The cherry earrings I’m wearing are from BaubleBar and they would of probably cost me like $25 but I paid $5.99 for that little cherry moment. My mom went to Vegas a few weeks ago and of course she had to go to Ross. Vegas is known for having beautiful stores, so obviously you know that they had to have a pretty decent Ross. Girl came through with some really good finds. She bought the daintiest ‘A’ BaubleBar necklace and it only cost $8.99. :O My mom also found me the most beautiful, golden cheetah dress ever. It is a long-sleeve flowy, maxi dress that is going to be perfect in a few months when it isn’t 110 degrees outside. Quick tangent: I think this happened 2 days ago, but I’m also delirious from recruitment. Anyway, I walked to my car, planning on going to target, I had my lil girl power metal water bottle in my car with water in it from the previous day. So, me, trying to not get dehydrated from this Texas heat, drank the old water and it literally burned my mouth. So yes, I’m tired of this heat and ready for the chill autumn temps before I start to freeze. Ok, lets get back to it. My favorite accessory I got at Ross was my Quay sunglasses. The cute, trendy black ones in the pic are surprisingly, from the Ross in Corpus. I also have another pair of pink oversized style gladiators that I got there too for only $19.99 as well! But, who really would of guessed?

Personally, I think that Ross has some original pieces of clothing and accessories for really good prices, BUT you have to be willing to look for them. For as long as I can remember, I always had that mentality that ‘your shoe size hardly ever changes so buy the shoe.’ I have so many shoes and accessories because I think you can always rewear them more than I would probably rewear clothes. Some really cool things that I’ve gotten in the past few months are a pair of Steve Madden platform grey camouflage, reflective sneakers that were like $12.99. I also found some really cute clear and colorful rhinestoned sandals from Steve Madden that only cost $21.99. I can always find shoes anywhere I go because my size isn’t as common as others. Oh wait, in case everyone forgot I’m 5’8″ so I sort of have big feet. Old news though, I wear a size 10 so most of the time I can find really cute shoes at not only Ross but a lot of other stores whenever they’re having sales, like Dillard’s and Nordstrom. S/O to all my ladies with big feet too lol.

Some cool accessory finds I’ve gotten from Ross would also be a pair of lightning bold rhinestoned huggies from BaubleBar too. And as you all know I live for feminism and GIRL POWER, so I bought cutest pair of rose gold earrings that say ‘GRL’ on one side and ‘PWR’ on the other. They’re from BCBG and I absolutely had to get them because they were only $5.99. I also go to Ross to find unique, decorations that they don’t carry at other stores. One time, I found these beautiful glass hanging lanterns that I hung from my celling in my room and I think that they were the coolest thing. For my room right now, I bought this really cute blue velvet desk chair that is the exact colors of my room. I also found this cool rainbow woven rug there that only cost $15.99 and I was planning on getting one from Urban that looked just like it for $79.99. COME ON savings!!

One thing I want to end with is to never diss anything until you experience it and try something new out. There are so many ways to look cute and dress any accessories up without spending a fortune on your wardrobe. I can also credit my somewhat- budget friendly looks to NastyGal, my favorite online store. I really can’t remember a time they didn’t have a sale going on. I probably (definitely) will do a NastyGal haul soon. The red tie-up dress I’m wearing is from there. I really want y’all to check out this site because the old CEO Sophia Amoruso has an inspiring podcast called ‘Girlboss’ that I hope someone might listen to it because of this post. Each episode is a different story about a female business plan or inspiring interviews with amazing women leaders. I’m gonna link the most recent podcast and want you all to learn something new. I am a gal who loves to support environmental awareness and obsessed with making sure everyone recycles. The last podcast really gave me hope that people will understand their environmental impact and start to live a green life.

the Scoop on Swimwear

Aloha Everyone!!! This week I’m really missing being on vacation and having no worries at all. So, I decided to share with you some of my favorite summer swimwear looks. PLUS, I also added a playlist for you to embrace the little bit of summer we have left and just RELAX.

The Reveled Coverup

This was the first day of my vacation with my whole family and also the only day that my grandparents didn’t know about my GRL PWR tattoo. HAHAHA YIKES. Now she has come out and yes, I have a tattoo that says “GRL PWR” and yes, it reminds me everyday to be the STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN I am! I might do a whole blog about it but I don’t know yet, so you all will have to wait and see with me. LOL. I had my cover up that was actually a dress, but I tied the arm sleeves up and converted it to a skirt. How original, I know. I thought that it was so much cuter to change up the dress because the baby slits at the bottom had to be seen more. Plus, it covered up my tat for a little bit before my grandpa saw it. :O Now, to actually talk about this swimsuit, it has a really cute twist tie front and that has been my summer favorite this year. High waisted swimsuits are every skinny girl’s hack to really be skinny. So naturally you all know that this has to be high waisted but, you can’t see it because of the cover up, obviously.

The Party Print

This swimsuit is so dang cute!! One day I just got this notification that amazon was having a sale on cheetah swimsuits and if you know anything about me, I will never turn down anything cheetah print. I LOVE IT. So I got this swimsuit and I think it is a different twist on cheetah because it is orange and blue instead of the basic neutral colors. This summer, I really got into tie-front bikinis because it is so much easier to put it on yourself and take it off when you have to tan your back. Also I can not emphasize enough how much I live for high waisted bikinis because I don’t what kind of magic powers they have but they always make the look skinnyyy.

The Troubled Tan Line

Let me be the first to tell you that swimsuits with intricate straps are all fun and games until you get a bad tan. Personally, I love to wear really cute one pieces because I feel like more people go for the basic high waisted bikini. (also me though) The only down side about wearing a swimsuit that covers more of your body is that you get less sun exposure. I for one love a good one piece with an open back or front and I don’t really mind having to catch extra sun the next day. A little side note, I literally love Kappa Delta, it is the BEST sorority in the world so go confidently and go KD!! ❤

The Modest Nudest

This look has been by far one of my most scandalous looks this year. HAHA. My mom wanted to kill me when I bought this but so be it, I’m still alive. This swimsuit is a high waisted, open back look with very low cuts that obviously reveal some side boob. But is it not a surprise to everyone that a girl has boobs. Personally, I like the nude color because it looks really good on me if I am super tan, but when I’m pale I will absolutely pick another suit. This suit is another great example on how scandy one pieces can really make a statement compared to regular two pieces. I remember when I was little my mom would always make me wear a one piece or those tankinis (that I tried to forget about) because she hated for me to get too much sun and I would be so mad that I wasn’t always in a bikini. Now, the tables have turned and I would never pass up a cute one piece. Maybe a tankini, but that is a totally different story.

One Shoulder is Bolder: Swimsuit Edition

UGHHH, You all know I love a good one shoulder moment. This swimsuit is so simple, yet bold statement because of the one shoulder design. It is not the most ideal looks if you are trying to get a golden tan, but she is a look. I used a little headscarf that my girl Monique got me from Harajuku in Japan. Personally, I love this look because the colorful scarf cover up really stands out against the black one piece. If you have not noticed I literally am obsessed with jewelry. Everything I always wear has to be accessorized someway with my favorite go-to hoops or a statement necklace. Most likely, you will never see me without jewelry or accessories to complete any of my fits. In this look, I’m wearing my favorite baby gold hoops and a statement necklace I got from my old job at White House Black Market. HAHAHA Mems. I will definitely be writing about my jewelry because that is my forever favorite essential outfit completer.

The Femme Fisher

This is my little fisher girl moment. As I talked about before I went deep sea fishing and I was not prepared for this experience. I had to buy a long sleeve swim shirt to be completely covered for the sun because I was out there for so long. Low key though, they scammed me in Mexico because I had to pay $70 for that shirt that I might not wear again, but you can get it online for $30. SMH. Surprisingly, the shirt was actually very cool and breathable for being a long sleeve. I will say that I did not get a sunburn though so that is a major plus. Just a reminder to everyone, if you are going to a vacation by the water always make sure you have everything you think you might not need it. Or else it will be ridiculously expensive but ya live and ya learn. I added the link below if anyone desires to buy a long sleeve swim shirt. HEHE

Travel with Me

Heyooo. This past week I traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This trip mainly consisted of morning mimosas, 8 foot tall waves, and several servings of green chilaquiles. Cabo has unbeatable views where you cannot see where the sky and sea separate. I had a much needed vacation and discovered a new part of Mexico I hadn’t been to yet. My family loves to go to Mexico and Cancun has always been our go-to place. Our resort was secluded from the city and it was gigantic; you really had to use golf carts to get around. Almost everyday my family and I would go down to the marina to shop and eat the most authentic Mexican food. Unlike any other place I’ve been to in Mexico, the shopping here was really nice. All around town, the markets were filled with unique and one of a kind pieces. During this week, the wilderness hoe in me jumped. HAHA. My grandpa really wanted me to go deep sea fishing with him because I’m the only one out of 7 cousins who hasn’t. I really woke up at 4 am just to sit on a boat all day. If you know anything about me, you know I am not here for spending all day on the water just for the possibility of catching ONE fish. There’s a picture with my cousin and my sister holding this gigantic fish with blood oozing from its mouth and I’m literally on the side with my hands on my hips not trying to touch it at all. I’m pretty sure the fishing guides were making fun of me on the low but it’s all good because I still got a good tan and an insta pic. My most favorite night was when we went a restaurant called Edith’s. It was so beautifully decorated with glass hearts hanging from the ceiling and vines wrapping around the interior I literally almost cried. My highlight of the trip was hanging out with my grandparents and cousins for 7 days straight. My family is so close, they know every aspect of my life. I really appreciate all the love and support they continue to give me despite all the mistakes I’ve made in my life.

Sight from the Skypool

Now that you’ve heard a lot about my actual trip, you can read how I travel through the airport. This past month I got some great goodies in my Allure beauty box that were essential for traveling. BTW, if you don’t have a subscription, I highly recommend this beauty box. I get the most unique full size products each month. Whenever I get my next box, I will most definitely post an unboxing on my insta story. Anyway, some products that I really loved traveling with were a thermal spring water spray, dry texture spray, vitamin c eye cream and my dreamy slip mask. Allure sent me Avène’s hydrating water spray and I can not stop using it. It’s unscented and really helped to keep my slightly sunburnt skin hydrated. I also loved my Salon Grafix, 3-in-1 texture spray. This texturizing spray really helped rejuvenate my windblown curls and it also works as a dry shampoo to give my hair some more love. Personally, I used to not really worry about my under eyes or anti-aging products, but recently I’ve been obsessed with treating my eyes. In this box, they sent me Context’s vitamin C all day eye cream and I’ve seen a change in my purple under eyes. However, I had to be really careful with this cream in the sun because vitamin c can cause discoloration in the skin from the sun. Last but not least, my favorite travel accessory that I can not live without is my Slip Mask. I never used to think a sleep mask was necessary, but today I can say that I can not sleep without my Slip Mask. There is a huge difference between a regular sleep mask versus a Slip Mask. A Slip Mask is made from silk and is so soft on your eyes. This mask is also meant to help protect your lashes if you have extensions and it will not ruin your makeup if you want to take a quick nap during the day. So I highly suggest if you want to have an AMAZING nights rest use this mask!

What’s in my Mini Bag??

Hellooo, it has been a minute since you all have heard from me. I am sorry to any of my consistent readers, but I’m back for good and I pinky promise to stop being lazy and post more. Anyway, so what’s new about me is that I finally started my new job at Chico’s. HAHAHA. It’s a cute little old lady store and I actually sort of love it. I don’t really know how to dress modest, old ladies, but I’ve met so many new people and it’s an easy summer job.

I was brainstorming some ideas about stuff to write about, whenever my package from NastyGal arrived and I knew I had to share my new miniature accessory. At the start of this week, I tried to do a mini bag challenge and attempted to use a mini bag all week. I’m sure you can see where this leads to, since that is not what this post is about. True. I only lasted 2 days with my mini bag. They have their moments and can be so cute to wear to any event where you do not need to have a bunch of stuff. On the runway, brands like Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Gabriela Hearst, and Versace introduced the classic mini bag which is obviously meant for the catwalk instead of everyday life. A few months ago, I saw pictures from a few fashion shows and my first thought was YES, they’re cute, but absolutely in no way practical. I really love this baby trend because it’s such a small, unique accessory that makes people wonder what you can really fit in there. Anyway, back to what you all really want to find out about, What’s in my Mini Bag..

Normally, my everyday purses at the moment are my go-to Louis Vuitton Speedy or a my vanity fair canvas tote. So, I am used to having a large bag to hold all my belongings and continuing to add to the bag until I switch it out. However, carrying a mini bag really made me think about how much stuff I have and absolutely do not need in my purse. I stuck to the absolute bare minimum when I used my baby purse. The contents included my floss lip gloss, which is currently my favorite gloss, and my Jon Hart ID wallet, I had to take off my keys since they were connected but I didn’t drive so it didn’t bother me. I also had my go-to lip balm, the infamous glossier balm dotcom. Somehow I managed to put in my new shades from MonarchTokyo! Oh, also during the day I saw a key chain of a kitty literally saying GIRL POWER, obviously I had no choice but to buy it. I have no memory of how I actually got 5 items to fit in my bag and still having the clasps close! I’m gonna add a few links down below if you want any of my favorite purse fillers. Be on the look out for a Q&A post next week. Check my insta story if you want to ask me anything!





Tips for Clips

Not sure if you all know this, but I would consider my hair some days to be uncontrollably curly. My go-to fix for these crazy curls is my favorite trend, at the moment, hair clips!! There are so many ways to use these hair accessories to dress up a casual t-shirt and shorts or to add a trendy touch to a sophisicated look. Some days whenever my hair has gravitated to the flat side, I use clips to add some volume and hide the fact that my hair is not fully cooperating. In case this is a secret to anyone, I do not wash my hair everyday. *cue dramatic gasp* Yes, I have specific days that I wash my hair, but this summer’s heat has really thrown my schedule off. For the longest time, I refused to wear headbands or clips because I used to get so mad when they would rip out half of my hair. Now, I accept the fact that I lose a few strands here and there, but as we all know, beauty is pain. Obviously, I’ve grown up since then and have actually learned to love my curly hair and I take care of my curls instead of being embarrassed by my frizzy hair. (YIKES) This might be dramatic for some people, but I drive 4 hours just to get my hair cut. In Austin, I get my hair cut at the Orange Salon by a DevaCurl trained stylist. This small change in my hair routine, has brought life back to my curls and almost forces me everyday to take care of my hair, instead of just doing whatever and hoping for the best. Depending on my mood, I tend to part my way to the right or down the middle so my hair style is constantly changing I guess you could say. I personally like my hair parted down the middle because I think it is an even distribution of my curls, but my family, specifically my mama, always tells me I look like JESUS. How beautiful though, so thankful for that reference!! Ever since I started really getting into clips, I’ve used them in so many different ways. From just putting my hair back when I’m washing my face or doing my makeup, to creating a complete look based off of my hair accessories. My personal favorite look is the simple clips on one side and the rest of your hair parted down the other. I also like to wear my hair parted down the middle and have a stacked layer of clips cascading each side. A cute way to change up a basic ponytail or pigtails is to easily add clips around the start your updo. Another simple way to use clips is to hold papers together and secretly find clips in the future that you thought were lost. HAHAHA that’s also a little girly school hack. I added the link to a few of my favorite clips down below. Some of them include random trendy words, pearl accents, colorful hearts or clear acrylic styles. I hope that someone was inspired today to put that over worn scrunchie away and pop in some new clips!! Also this playlist is a mix of summer bops to listen to in the car cruising and some songs that make you think about everything dealing with life LOL.


College in a Nutshell

Okay now that we are finally done with school, I’ve had so much time to reflect on my first year of college. Also, sorry for not posting in literally soooo long, I’ve definitely going through it. Anyways, there’s so many things people forget to tell you about this huge change in your life. You literally have to figure it out yourself by discovering who you really are. There have been so many times this past year when I wanted to give up but I also had some of the greatest times of my life. I would definitely consider myself the most indecisive person in the world, no big deal. Last year, I had the hardest time picking which school I wanted to be for the next four years. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life either, so that makes it just a little bit more difficult. I had to actually experience the world on my own to figure out what I really wanted. I’m a strong believer in everything happening for a reason. This past year I was able to live and see all the typical crazy college things you would expect. There were a thousand times I got locked out of my room, I went to class late in my pajamas, I had the upmost stress during recruitment and became apart of the best sorority. Oh and we can not forget about my crazy roommate that cooked legit meals on her George Foreman grill everyday and switched to another dorm a week before school ended. HAHAHAHA..I had no idea what I was supposed to be expecting in college but it was not exactly like it is the movies. I remember whenever I was home for Christmas Break, I did not want to back to Lubbock at all because I really hated it. :// Anyways, I powered through and finished my first year, but I knew Tech was absolutely not for me. I struggled so much adjusting actually, it was hard for me to be so far from home and have absolutely no friends whenever I first started school. I also hated my major and Tech just did not have any good options for me that I wanted to pursue. But aside from actual school, I am so thankful I went through recruitment and joined Kappa Delta. (also you’re gonna learn more about sorority life in a lil bit LOL) Whenever people would tell me that you find your home whenever you feel at home, I really had no idea what they were talking about at all. However, whenever I learned more about our philanthropy with the Girl Scouts and how KD’s platform was confidence, I knew that that’s what I wanted in a sorority. There’s so many different girls in my sorority and it’s amazing to always have a sister to do anything with. Being apart of a sorority really helped me feel at home even though I was no where near home. There is always a sister to be there for you, everyone is going through the same struggles and genuinely wants to be there for you. I met my best friends through Kappa Delta and I have no clue how my life would have been without them this year. At the time, I was really struggling with being on my own and I struggled with depression really bad. My friends literally always kept me going, there wasn’t a time where I was ever alone and I was always my true self around my girlies. The friends you meet in college, really are your friends for life. There is no BS drama like there was in high school, everyone cares about the real world instead of having petty issues. Throughout this year, I had so much growth emotionally and my self confidence really changed into something great. I think college is where I really grew up and began to not worry about what other people thought because I had no idea who they were anyways. Just some advice for anyone going to college next year, it may seem really scary at first but college will be a seriously beautiful life changing experience for you!!

Nothing but GRL PWR

So as we all know, we have misogynistic idiots in our government who really think they can control women. I’m not the type to get too political with things, but just thinking about this whole abortion topic makes me so mad. Little boys seriously think that an empowered, self sufficient women are so weak compared to them. HI, HEllO! WE can make our own decisions, make our own money and literally do anything a guy can do 500 times better. The simple fact that 25, MIND YOU all white and old congressmen can just pass a law that has literally no affect on them, just blows my mind. It honestly breaks my heart that in a world like this, women are still treated inferior to men. I would be terrified to bring children into the world we live in today. Personally, I am PRO LIFE, but depending on the situation you should have the right to your own choice regarding YOUR body. I’m sorry but if I was taken advantage of I would not even think twice about carrying my predator’s baby. Also, just that fact that some people are trying to justify rape literally disgusts me. There is absolutely no excuse ever for anyone to push themselves on someone if it is not consensual. The stupid fools that make up our judicial system truly believe that rape is an act of GOD, however God literally does not plan to ruin someone’s self esteem, create a forever fear in them or implant terrible memories that last. The simple fact that people really believe that this topic of rape isn’t as big as it is, disgusts me. I can not even imagine how I would feel if I saw my predator just walking away like nothing happened. I’ve been thinking about this and honestly I think that everyone in our government has just one collective brain because they are that SMALL MINDED. The basic empathy for humanity is gone in our society and people have no clue how to respect someone’s feelings. This past year, I really struggled to discover my true self and my worth, but whenever it finally clicked in my head exactly how powerful I am, my life changed DRASTICALLY. I literally did not care at all about what anyone thought about me, let alone my any dumb boys. I realized that I was not going to allow myself to ever get treated badly by anyone let alone a little boy ever again. I completely just fell in love with me and learned to love every aspect of myself that I used to hide. Throughout this whole year, I had so much self growth and realized that I can pursue anything I want because I’m literally THAT girl. In our society, people have this idea that they HAVE to be with someone in order to feel loved and appreciated. Honestly, I used to think like that too. I always felt that some stupid boy had to love me in order for me to be complete but I changed so much to realize it is not like that at all. In the wise words of queen Lizzo, “I’m my own soulmate, I know how to love me.” Us women, have come so far in our society by standing up for ourselves and proving to men that we can do anything better. We are literally in 2019, however some people still have not grasped the concept that women are EQUAL, actually BETTER than men. So ladies, it is our life duty to empower each other and ALWAYS stand up for what is right.

One Shoulder is Bolder

HEHEHE This was my music mood of the week. I was kind of all over the place this week and was mad at love but also in love with my friends. We had our last hoorah of the year at Jmblya and stayed the whole weekend in my new city hahaha. HIIIIIII Dallas! Also kind of a side note, but this week I watched Someone Great on Netflix and no exaggeration I was balling the whole time. I could not tell you why, but it just made me reminisce on my last heartbreaking break up and hw my friends literally saved and changed my life. So I encourage everyone to stop studying for your finals and cry. <33

So this week I will be ranting about 2000s style and how some trends you may have not liked back then, are coming back better than before. I read in Vogue last week about their whole praise about Kendall Jenner bringing back on shoulder tops. Obviously, she was the one person to bring back one shoulder tops because she’s famous. However, I think one shoulder tops and dresses came back at the start of this year when people started dressing for the 90s and early 2000s. I’ve changed my style so much, just this year alone because I have been buying so many trends I used to wear when I was a kid. Aside from the one shoulder vibes, I’ve been adding big statement clips and belts to my wardroom along with a ridiculous amount of gaucho and wide legged pants with baby tank tops. I remember the days when I was 9 or 10 and my mo would go shopping for me because I’d much rather stay home and do I guess absoletely nothing since I wasn’t a famous YouTuber by the time I was 11. Anyways, again me getting side tracked by something dumb, but I used to get so mad at my mo for getting me one shoulder dresses because she thought they were sooooo cute but I thought they were hideous. Little did baby me know, that those one shoulder ensembles came back to snatch everyone. My personal opinion about one shoulder tops is that they should be worn with the opposite style bottoms as the top. Okay and I know that makes no sense but I mean you should wear kind of baggier, boyfriend jeans to make your tight, asymmetrical top pop. I added my look from Jmblya above and you can’t exactly see the whole fit, but if you wanna see more (GO FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM DUHHHH). Also my little go-to beauty secret is that I highlight my collarbones and shoulders all the time. I made this creation with some liquid highlighter I had (don’t remember the name) and my Mario Badescu spray. So the trick is I spray that on my shoulders whenever I wear a shirt you can obviously see them in. Whenever I’m trying to feel extra snatched I put some extra glitter on my collarbones to look extra glowey. I’ve seen so many stores add a new section for this one shoulder fad to their website and these one shoulder looks are ten times cuter than any look that my mom picked out for me. I added some links below in case you want to unnecessarily shop for one shoulder tops.

Denim on Denim on Denim

I’m going to keep you all updated on the best music and outfit ideas for the week. My goal is that this can be a way to inspire you to discover new music and maybe add something new in your closet. This week I want to focus on one item and give many options for different looks. So, I added a few ideas for new ways to wear jeans and some unique styles to help adjust to the upcoming summer heat. This past week I’ve been “accidentally” shopping on endless websites and I found the cutest inspo to wear denim different ways. I’ll also attach some links below if you want to shop the looks! I think it is so cute to have different denim instead of the basic everyday pants. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with mixing denim and adding belts to snatch the whole fit together. I thought about this and I sort of noticed that I haven’t really worn a belt until college and now I think it’s essential for every look. I feel like right now I have so many ideas to upcycle stuff in my closet but I live in a tiny dorm and couldn’t bring my sewing machine. Sneak peak: This summer I’ll be showing you all some of the trendiest ways to change up your clothes you wear all the time. Alright, so I added a picture of some trendy new ways to wear your denim and change up your everyday jeans. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that I’m kind of tall and I just want to emphasize how cute midi and maxi skirts are in general for anyone. Personally, I like the extra length over a mini skirt only because it gives you more to work with and you don’t have to worry about them shrinking in the wash which makes it impossible for me to wear it again. Longer skirts are trend that’s coming back from the 70s and early 2000s. You can dressed up or dressed down. For a more casual outfit, you can wear a midi denim skirt with some Filas and make it an everyday look. To dress a skirt up you can pair it with a pair of heels and add a scarf around one of the belt loops to mix it up. Another cute way to style your jeans is to do an exaggerated roll up instead of the essential single roll. For this look, you need to have a baggier style of denim and they should obviously be longer on you in order to roll them up. Another thing that’s cute is patches on jeans!! I literally can not stress how putting little baby patches on your jeans can personalize your clothes. I ordered this denim jacket the other day and whenever it comes in I’ll post about how I styled it. Anyways, the snakeskin patches on the knees is a way to add a touch of color to an everyday look. It is so simple to do. I had a hole in my jeans and I covered it by sewing on the fabric from the inside. All you could see outside was the fabric and no one would of known it was ripped. Now, we’re gonna talk about denim cutouts. So, it is super easy to achieve this look by cutting out your desired shape with some scissors and just hand sewing the raw edges. A unique style of jeans is the ying yang color scheme. The dark and light contrast is such a look with any kind of colored graphic tee. There is a variety of ways to have the multicolored denim, whether it be different on each leg or an added on patch. I added some links below so you can shop some denim looks and go out of your comfort zone by trying something different. I hope this post inspired you to switch up your everyday denim and be creative with your style.









Passion for Fashion

I want to commence my blog by sharing the start of my true passion for fashion. So it started when I was younger and my mom bought me my first sewing machine. I would get clothes in my closet and just sew random things on them and have a fashion show for my family. At such a young age, I was in love with being unique by doing something different on my own. As I grew up, I did not have as much free time as I used to so I kind of lost that spark that I had for my true passion. I used to do ballet and I had to sew my pointe shoes but that was pretty much the only sewing I did for awhile. All of this started to change when I switched to a brand new school my sophomore year of high school. I became very involved in the fashion department at my school. I was apart of this club called FCCLA, where I was given the opportunity to compete in different competitions and design my own clothes. I enjoyed this so much and made a few outfits that I am very proud of. When I was in New York, I went to MOOD Fabric Store and got fabric there to create a piece for one of my outfits. My senior year, I decided to challenge myself and took on the task of completing 3 prom dresses. I had some difficulties during this time by having to problem solve on my own and complete this task on my own. It taught me a lot about time management, self compassion and why you should never give up on your dreams. During this time, I also struggled with college and making sure I was making the right choice. Spoiler Alert: I didn’t make the right choice. Anyways we will get into that topic later. I decided to attend Texas Tech for Occupational Therapy but I soon discovered that wasn’t me at all. I discovered so much about myself during my first year that I never knew was even a part of me. I found my true love for fashion and how I can use it to help others love themselves. I will be switching schools in the fall to UNT to focus more on Fashion Merchandising and Digital Retailing, but don’t worry I will get into all of that later. However, I am glad I had the experience of coming to Tech to have time to myself and I was not held back by anyone and I was my true, genuine self. This year in college allowed me to start being, I guess you could say I was adventurous with my style. I met my best friends, Kennedy and Emma, they really brought out the side of me that was hidden for so long. I began to dress how I wanted and did not care about what people thought and this really helped me to grow in my self confidence and grow to love myself again. I love to hear people complement my outfits and that gave me an extra boost of confidence. I actually dress up for class instead of wearing a t-shirt and shorts like every other sorority girl. There would be somedays that my outfits would be “over the top” for a casual event, but I really learned to not care about people’s opinions. I remember one time I was at an obnoxious frat party (sorry not sorry to anyone reading this who actually likes frat guys) this guy told me that I was literally too tall to be wearing platforms with my outfit. So you know what I did right after that, wore platforms everyday. Sometimes people tend to think that what you wear and what you’re apart of are solely all you are. But, for someone like me I don’t let anything define me. I express myself through fashion and that is the only way that I will let anyone every judge me. It is so important to me to be free and do whatever makes YOU happy. I joined this app called 21buttons and I post on it almost everyday my outfits and it has given me the motivation to keep dressing for MYSELF everyday. Sometimes my friends get so mad at me for always making them take pictures of me but in the end they’re seriously always there for me no matter what. I know this might be insane but I feel that fashion has really saved my life and made me become a more confident version of myself who lives everyday just to make ME happy instead of trying to please everyone.