What’s in my Mini Bag??

Hellooo, it has been a minute since you all have heard from me. I am sorry to any of my consistent readers, but I’m back for good and I pinky promise to stop being lazy and post more. Anyway, so what’s new about me is that I finally started my new job at Chico’s. HAHAHA. It’s a cute little old lady store and I actually sort of love it. I don’t really know how to dress modest, old ladies, but I’ve met so many new people and it’s an easy summer job.

I was brainstorming some ideas about stuff to write about, whenever my package from NastyGal arrived and I knew I had to share my new miniature accessory. At the start of this week, I tried to do a mini bag challenge and attempted to use a mini bag all week. I’m sure you can see where this leads to, since that is not what this post is about. True. I only lasted 2 days with my mini bag. They have their moments and can be so cute to wear to any event where you do not need to have a bunch of stuff. On the runway, brands like Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Gabriela Hearst, and Versace introduced the classic mini bag which is obviously meant for the catwalk instead of everyday life. A few months ago, I saw pictures from a few fashion shows and my first thought was YES, they’re cute, but absolutely in no way practical. I really love this baby trend because it’s such a small, unique accessory that makes people wonder what you can really fit in there. Anyway, back to what you all really want to find out about, What’s in my Mini Bag..

Normally, my everyday purses at the moment are my go-to Louis Vuitton Speedy or a my vanity fair canvas tote. So, I am used to having a large bag to hold all my belongings and continuing to add to the bag until I switch it out. However, carrying a mini bag really made me think about how much stuff I have and absolutely do not need in my purse. I stuck to the absolute bare minimum when I used my baby purse. The contents included my floss lip gloss, which is currently my favorite gloss, and my Jon Hart ID wallet, I had to take off my keys since they were connected but I didn’t drive so it didn’t bother me. I also had my go-to lip balm, the infamous glossier balm dotcom. Somehow I managed to put in my new shades from MonarchTokyo! Oh, also during the day I saw a key chain of a kitty literally saying GIRL POWER, obviously I had no choice but to buy it. I have no memory of how I actually got 5 items to fit in my bag and still having the clasps close! I’m gonna add a few links down below if you want any of my favorite purse fillers. Be on the look out for a Q&A post next week. Check my insta story if you want to ask me anything!





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