Tips for Clips

Not sure if you all know this, but I would consider my hair some days to be uncontrollably curly. My go-to fix for these crazy curls is my favorite trend, at the moment, hair clips!! There are so many ways to use these hair accessories to dress up a casual t-shirt and shorts or to add a trendy touch to a sophisicated look. Some days whenever my hair has gravitated to the flat side, I use clips to add some volume and hide the fact that my hair is not fully cooperating. In case this is a secret to anyone, I do not wash my hair everyday. *cue dramatic gasp* Yes, I have specific days that I wash my hair, but this summer’s heat has really thrown my schedule off. For the longest time, I refused to wear headbands or clips because I used to get so mad when they would rip out half of my hair. Now, I accept the fact that I lose a few strands here and there, but as we all know, beauty is pain. Obviously, I’ve grown up since then and have actually learned to love my curly hair and I take care of my curls instead of being embarrassed by my frizzy hair. (YIKES) This might be dramatic for some people, but I drive 4 hours just to get my hair cut. In Austin, I get my hair cut at the Orange Salon by a DevaCurl trained stylist. This small change in my hair routine, has brought life back to my curls and almost forces me everyday to take care of my hair, instead of just doing whatever and hoping for the best. Depending on my mood, I tend to part my way to the right or down the middle so my hair style is constantly changing I guess you could say. I personally like my hair parted down the middle because I think it is an even distribution of my curls, but my family, specifically my mama, always tells me I look like JESUS. How beautiful though, so thankful for that reference!! Ever since I started really getting into clips, I’ve used them in so many different ways. From just putting my hair back when I’m washing my face or doing my makeup, to creating a complete look based off of my hair accessories. My personal favorite look is the simple clips on one side and the rest of your hair parted down the other. I also like to wear my hair parted down the middle and have a stacked layer of clips cascading each side. A cute way to change up a basic ponytail or pigtails is to easily add clips around the start your updo. Another simple way to use clips is to hold papers together and secretly find clips in the future that you thought were lost. HAHAHA that’s also a little girly school hack. I added the link to a few of my favorite clips down below. Some of them include random trendy words, pearl accents, colorful hearts or clear acrylic styles. I hope that someone was inspired today to put that over worn scrunchie away and pop in some new clips!! Also this playlist is a mix of summer bops to listen to in the car cruising and some songs that make you think about everything dealing with life LOL.

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