21st Century Woman

I want to talk to each and everyone one of you on life as a woman. Times are changing but, realistically are they??? In our society today, women are still being treated as the weaker sex and are being negatively spoken about in some way for their actions. Before I go into a whole rantContinue reading “21st Century Woman”

the Scoop on Swimwear

Aloha Everyone!!! This week I’m really missing being on vacation and having no worries at all. So, I decided to share with you some of my favorite summer swimwear looks. PLUS, I also added a playlist for you to embrace the little bit of summer we have left and just RELAX. The Reveled Coverup https://womensfashionista.com/kcatsy-shoulder-strap-backless-padded-tied-low-waist-solid-color-women-bikini-set-army-green/Continue reading “the Scoop on Swimwear”