One Shoulder is Bolder

HEHEHE This was my music mood of the week. I was kind of all over the place this week and was mad at love but also in love with my friends. We had our last hoorah of the year at Jmblya and stayed the whole weekend in my new city hahaha. HIIIIIII Dallas! Also kind of a side note, but this week I watched Someone Great on Netflix and no exaggeration I was balling the whole time. I could not tell you why, but it just made me reminisce on my last heartbreaking break up and hw my friends literally saved and changed my life. So I encourage everyone to stop studying for your finals and cry. <33

So this week I will be ranting about 2000s style and how some trends you may have not liked back then, are coming back better than before. I read in Vogue last week about their whole praise about Kendall Jenner bringing back on shoulder tops. Obviously, she was the one person to bring back one shoulder tops because she’s famous. However, I think one shoulder tops and dresses came back at the start of this year when people started dressing for the 90s and early 2000s. I’ve changed my style so much, just this year alone because I have been buying so many trends I used to wear when I was a kid. Aside from the one shoulder vibes, I’ve been adding big statement clips and belts to my wardroom along with a ridiculous amount of gaucho and wide legged pants with baby tank tops. I remember the days when I was 9 or 10 and my mo would go shopping for me because I’d much rather stay home and do I guess absoletely nothing since I wasn’t a famous YouTuber by the time I was 11. Anyways, again me getting side tracked by something dumb, but I used to get so mad at my mo for getting me one shoulder dresses because she thought they were sooooo cute but I thought they were hideous. Little did baby me know, that those one shoulder ensembles came back to snatch everyone. My personal opinion about one shoulder tops is that they should be worn with the opposite style bottoms as the top. Okay and I know that makes no sense but I mean you should wear kind of baggier, boyfriend jeans to make your tight, asymmetrical top pop. I added my look from Jmblya above and you can’t exactly see the whole fit, but if you wanna see more (GO FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM DUHHHH). Also my little go-to beauty secret is that I highlight my collarbones and shoulders all the time. I made this creation with some liquid highlighter I had (don’t remember the name) and my Mario Badescu spray. So the trick is I spray that on my shoulders whenever I wear a shirt you can obviously see them in. Whenever I’m trying to feel extra snatched I put some extra glitter on my collarbones to look extra glowey. I’ve seen so many stores add a new section for this one shoulder fad to their website and these one shoulder looks are ten times cuter than any look that my mom picked out for me. I added some links below in case you want to unnecessarily shop for one shoulder tops.

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