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Aloha Everyone!!! This week I’m really missing being on vacation and having no worries at all. So, I decided to share with you some of my favorite summer swimwear looks. PLUS, I also added a playlist for you to embrace the little bit of summer we have left and just RELAX.

The Reveled Coverup

This was the first day of my vacation with my whole family and also the only day that my grandparents didn’t know about my GRL PWR tattoo. HAHAHA YIKES. Now she has come out and yes, I have a tattoo that says “GRL PWR” and yes, it reminds me everyday to be the STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN I am! I might do a whole blog about it but I don’t know yet, so you all will have to wait and see with me. LOL. I had my cover up that was actually a dress, but I tied the arm sleeves up and converted it to a skirt. How original, I know. I thought that it was so much cuter to change up the dress because the baby slits at the bottom had to be seen more. Plus, it covered up my tat for a little bit before my grandpa saw it. :O Now, to actually talk about this swimsuit, it has a really cute twist tie front and that has been my summer favorite this year. High waisted swimsuits are every skinny girl’s hack to really be skinny. So naturally you all know that this has to be high waisted but, you can’t see it because of the cover up, obviously.

The Party Print

This swimsuit is so dang cute!! One day I just got this notification that amazon was having a sale on cheetah swimsuits and if you know anything about me, I will never turn down anything cheetah print. I LOVE IT. So I got this swimsuit and I think it is a different twist on cheetah because it is orange and blue instead of the basic neutral colors. This summer, I really got into tie-front bikinis because it is so much easier to put it on yourself and take it off when you have to tan your back. Also I can not emphasize enough how much I live for high waisted bikinis because I don’t what kind of magic powers they have but they always make the look skinnyyy.

The Troubled Tan Line

Let me be the first to tell you that swimsuits with intricate straps are all fun and games until you get a bad tan. Personally, I love to wear really cute one pieces because I feel like more people go for the basic high waisted bikini. (also me though) The only down side about wearing a swimsuit that covers more of your body is that you get less sun exposure. I for one love a good one piece with an open back or front and I don’t really mind having to catch extra sun the next day. A little side note, I literally love Kappa Delta, it is the BEST sorority in the world so go confidently and go KD!! ❤

The Modest Nudest

This look has been by far one of my most scandalous looks this year. HAHA. My mom wanted to kill me when I bought this but so be it, I’m still alive. This swimsuit is a high waisted, open back look with very low cuts that obviously reveal some side boob. But is it not a surprise to everyone that a girl has boobs. Personally, I like the nude color because it looks really good on me if I am super tan, but when I’m pale I will absolutely pick another suit. This suit is another great example on how scandy one pieces can really make a statement compared to regular two pieces. I remember when I was little my mom would always make me wear a one piece or those tankinis (that I tried to forget about) because she hated for me to get too much sun and I would be so mad that I wasn’t always in a bikini. Now, the tables have turned and I would never pass up a cute one piece. Maybe a tankini, but that is a totally different story.

One Shoulder is Bolder: Swimsuit Edition

UGHHH, You all know I love a good one shoulder moment. This swimsuit is so simple, yet bold statement because of the one shoulder design. It is not the most ideal looks if you are trying to get a golden tan, but she is a look. I used a little headscarf that my girl Monique got me from Harajuku in Japan. Personally, I love this look because the colorful scarf cover up really stands out against the black one piece. If you have not noticed I literally am obsessed with jewelry. Everything I always wear has to be accessorized someway with my favorite go-to hoops or a statement necklace. Most likely, you will never see me without jewelry or accessories to complete any of my fits. In this look, I’m wearing my favorite baby gold hoops and a statement necklace I got from my old job at White House Black Market. HAHAHA Mems. I will definitely be writing about my jewelry because that is my forever favorite essential outfit completer.

The Femme Fisher

This is my little fisher girl moment. As I talked about before I went deep sea fishing and I was not prepared for this experience. I had to buy a long sleeve swim shirt to be completely covered for the sun because I was out there for so long. Low key though, they scammed me in Mexico because I had to pay $70 for that shirt that I might not wear again, but you can get it online for $30. SMH. Surprisingly, the shirt was actually very cool and breathable for being a long sleeve. I will say that I did not get a sunburn though so that is a major plus. Just a reminder to everyone, if you are going to a vacation by the water always make sure you have everything you think you might not need it. Or else it will be ridiculously expensive but ya live and ya learn. I added the link below if anyone desires to buy a long sleeve swim shirt. HEHE

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