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Heyooo. This past week I traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This trip mainly consisted of morning mimosas, 8 foot tall waves, and several servings of green chilaquiles. Cabo has unbeatable views where you cannot see where the sky and sea separate. I had a much needed vacation and discovered a new part of Mexico I hadn’t been to yet. My family loves to go to Mexico and Cancun has always been our go-to place. Our resort was secluded from the city and it was gigantic; you really had to use golf carts to get around. Almost everyday my family and I would go down to the marina to shop and eat the most authentic Mexican food. Unlike any other place I’ve been to in Mexico, the shopping here was really nice. All around town, the markets were filled with unique and one of a kind pieces. During this week, the wilderness hoe in me jumped. HAHA. My grandpa really wanted me to go deep sea fishing with him because I’m the only one out of 7 cousins who hasn’t. I really woke up at 4 am just to sit on a boat all day. If you know anything about me, you know I am not here for spending all day on the water just for the possibility of catching ONE fish. There’s a picture with my cousin and my sister holding this gigantic fish with blood oozing from its mouth and I’m literally on the side with my hands on my hips not trying to touch it at all. I’m pretty sure the fishing guides were making fun of me on the low but it’s all good because I still got a good tan and an insta pic. My most favorite night was when we went a restaurant called Edith’s. It was so beautifully decorated with glass hearts hanging from the ceiling and vines wrapping around the interior I literally almost cried. My highlight of the trip was hanging out with my grandparents and cousins for 7 days straight. My family is so close, they know every aspect of my life. I really appreciate all the love and support they continue to give me despite all the mistakes I’ve made in my life.

Sight from the Skypool

Now that you’ve heard a lot about my actual trip, you can read how I travel through the airport. This past month I got some great goodies in my Allure beauty box that were essential for traveling. BTW, if you don’t have a subscription, I highly recommend this beauty box. I get the most unique full size products each month. Whenever I get my next box, I will most definitely post an unboxing on my insta story. Anyway, some products that I really loved traveling with were a thermal spring water spray, dry texture spray, vitamin c eye cream and my dreamy slip mask. Allure sent me Avène’s hydrating water spray and I can not stop using it. It’s unscented and really helped to keep my slightly sunburnt skin hydrated. I also loved my Salon Grafix, 3-in-1 texture spray. This texturizing spray really helped rejuvenate my windblown curls and it also works as a dry shampoo to give my hair some more love. Personally, I used to not really worry about my under eyes or anti-aging products, but recently I’ve been obsessed with treating my eyes. In this box, they sent me Context’s vitamin C all day eye cream and I’ve seen a change in my purple under eyes. However, I had to be really careful with this cream in the sun because vitamin c can cause discoloration in the skin from the sun. Last but not least, my favorite travel accessory that I can not live without is my Slip Mask. I never used to think a sleep mask was necessary, but today I can say that I can not sleep without my Slip Mask. There is a huge difference between a regular sleep mask versus a Slip Mask. A Slip Mask is made from silk and is so soft on your eyes. This mask is also meant to help protect your lashes if you have extensions and it will not ruin your makeup if you want to take a quick nap during the day. So I highly suggest if you want to have an AMAZING nights rest use this mask!

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