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Today is your lucky day!! I’m going to share my favorite fashion secret: Ross. It’s my go-to store for trendy, quality clothes and accessories. Let me be the one to tell you all about what I really get into. I find the best deals but only if I’m in the mood to shop and actually look for stuff. All my sisters out there know what I mean when you really don’t want to shop but you do it anyways just to pass time!! I know some of y’all are wondering what the heck i’m talking about because Ross can definitely get trashy but some stores are definitely better than others.

Recently, I went to a Ross in San Antonio where I found all the accessories featured in my cover pic. They’ve been starting to carry a lot of name-brand jewelry for basically a steal. The cherry earrings I’m wearing are from BaubleBar and they would of probably cost me like $25 but I paid $5.99 for that little cherry moment. My mom went to Vegas a few weeks ago and of course she had to go to Ross. Vegas is known for having beautiful stores, so obviously you know that they had to have a pretty decent Ross. Girl came through with some really good finds. She bought the daintiest ‘A’ BaubleBar necklace and it only cost $8.99. :O My mom also found me the most beautiful, golden cheetah dress ever. It is a long-sleeve flowy, maxi dress that is going to be perfect in a few months when it isn’t 110 degrees outside. Quick tangent: I think this happened 2 days ago, but I’m also delirious from recruitment. Anyway, I walked to my car, planning on going to target, I had my lil girl power metal water bottle in my car with water in it from the previous day. So, me, trying to not get dehydrated from this Texas heat, drank the old water and it literally burned my mouth. So yes, I’m tired of this heat and ready for the chill autumn temps before I start to freeze. Ok, lets get back to it. My favorite accessory I got at Ross was my Quay sunglasses. The cute, trendy black ones in the pic are surprisingly, from the Ross in Corpus. I also have another pair of pink oversized style gladiators that I got there too for only $19.99 as well! But, who really would of guessed?

Personally, I think that Ross has some original pieces of clothing and accessories for really good prices, BUT you have to be willing to look for them. For as long as I can remember, I always had that mentality that ‘your shoe size hardly ever changes so buy the shoe.’ I have so many shoes and accessories because I think you can always rewear them more than I would probably rewear clothes. Some really cool things that I’ve gotten in the past few months are a pair of Steve Madden platform grey camouflage, reflective sneakers that were like $12.99. I also found some really cute clear and colorful rhinestoned sandals from Steve Madden that only cost $21.99. I can always find shoes anywhere I go because my size isn’t as common as others. Oh wait, in case everyone forgot I’m 5’8″ so I sort of have big feet. Old news though, I wear a size 10 so most of the time I can find really cute shoes at not only Ross but a lot of other stores whenever they’re having sales, like Dillard’s and Nordstrom. S/O to all my ladies with big feet too lol.

Some cool accessory finds I’ve gotten from Ross would also be a pair of lightning bold rhinestoned huggies from BaubleBar too. And as you all know I live for feminism and GIRL POWER, so I bought cutest pair of rose gold earrings that say ‘GRL’ on one side and ‘PWR’ on the other. They’re from BCBG and I absolutely had to get them because they were only $5.99. I also go to Ross to find unique, decorations that they don’t carry at other stores. One time, I found these beautiful glass hanging lanterns that I hung from my celling in my room and I think that they were the coolest thing. For my room right now, I bought this really cute blue velvet desk chair that is the exact colors of my room. I also found this cool rainbow woven rug there that only cost $15.99 and I was planning on getting one from Urban that looked just like it for $79.99. COME ON savings!!

One thing I want to end with is to never diss anything until you experience it and try something new out. There are so many ways to look cute and dress any accessories up without spending a fortune on your wardrobe. I can also credit my somewhat- budget friendly looks to NastyGal, my favorite online store. I really can’t remember a time they didn’t have a sale going on. I probably (definitely) will do a NastyGal haul soon. The red tie-up dress I’m wearing is from there. I really want y’all to check out this site because the old CEO Sophia Amoruso has an inspiring podcast called ‘Girlboss’ that I hope someone might listen to it because of this post. Each episode is a different story about a female business plan or inspiring interviews with amazing women leaders. I’m gonna link the most recent podcast and want you all to learn something new. I am a gal who loves to support environmental awareness and obsessed with making sure everyone recycles. The last podcast really gave me hope that people will understand their environmental impact and start to live a green life.

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