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GO Greek. GO UNT.

Today was the first day of recruitment and it was a completely different experience from a year ago. I was the one who was basically supposed to see if the girls I talked to would be a good fit for Kappa Delta. To be honest, I was just as excited and nervous to meet them as they were. There were about 340ish girls that went through this whole process and it was a lot for me. I have no idea how I would of mentally survived if I was still at Tech. S/O to my strong sisters there!! We had 9 parties total and I talked to 2 girls each. The first day is typically just a meet & greet so I tried to find out as much as I could about my girl in the span of 7 minutes. I just asked the basic questions like what their major is and where they were from. I really tried to remain cool and collected because I know how the PNM (potential new member) was probably feeling nervous. Whenever I was going through this process last year, some houses I went to I felt kind of intimidated by the girl recruiting me. Only because I knew she was pretty much judging me. In KD, they don’t want us to act a “certain way” during recruitment, they encourage us to be ourselves and be confident.


On this amazing Friday, we showed our potential new sisters around our beautiful KD Kastle. This day was so much fun because I got to talk to a sweet girl and tell her all about our sisterhood and how I literally am in love with Kappa Delta. sidenote: I met my rush crush… I really love getting to share with potential new babies, what this sisterhood really means to me. Everyday I get reminded why I joined Kappa Delta and how blessed I am to be apart of an organization with girls that genuinely love me and want the best for me. Kappa Delta is so focused on confidence and really uplifting our sisters and bragging about their accomplishes no matter how small. We care so much about our sisters and want a strong sisterhood that lasts forever. There are so many sisterhood activities that we do throughout the year that help us keep up with each other and build immense bonds that can’t be broken. As everyone in the entire world knows, I transferred Tech and now I go to UNT. So yes, I switched chapters and I was welcome with wade open arms into a new chapter. I have the amazing opportunity to live in the house and I am soooo thankful I do. It has really helped me adjust and get to know all my sisters better. There is a big difference in number from my last chapter compared to this one, but I actually like being apart of a smaller chapter a lot more. It has really helped me get to know all of my sisters and actually stuff going on in their lives instead of just their name. Obviously, because I just moved into the house I didn’t really want to give a tour so I just stayed in the kitchen for half of the party and talked to all the girls that passed through. My room was on the house tour and I was actually so proud with how cute it turned out. Even though my bed is up so high and I hit my head almost 5 times a day, I have a cute sitting area set up underneath. It’s almost like I should be Pinterest famous for it. HAHAHA

Our love for Girl Scouts & PCAA

Today is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE day of recruitment. This was the day that I really fell in love with Kappa Delta. Our platform is Confidence, so everything we do we do it confidently and we try to enstill confidence in anyone we work with. Kappa Delta’s first philanthropy is the PCAA, which stands for Prevent Child Abuse America. The biggest fundraiser we do is Shamrock Week, the theme is different each year and all the events are different for each chapter. We donate 80% to the National Foundations and the other 20% back to the local advocacy center. I really like how Kappa Delta doesn’t just give money, but we really try to be as hands on as possible with our philanthropy so we can make a true impact. However, because we are not trained to work with the children in this program, that is why we joined our other partner 21 years ago. It’s the Girl Scouts of America!!! This is my favorite thing about KD because we get to donate to a cause which is really close to our hearts and work hands on with a group of young girls and really change their lives. Going back to our confidence platform, we try to teach these young girls that they can be strong women who can change the world. I was a Girl Scout when I was younger and I wish I could of had a college girl talk to me and tell me how great of a women I would turn into. My homegirl in this pic just transferred here from Pace University in New York. We’ve been talking a lot this week about stuff we relate to and just life. But while talking to my new sister, we realized just what Kappa Delta truly means. Kappa Delta is so different from any other sorority. No one looks the same, has the same background or even has the same major, but what really brings us together is our values and what is really important to us. A Kappa Delta is someone who will always lift someone up, inspire other women to be the best possible person of theirselves and she is confident enough to stand up for what she believes in no matter what. Even though I am here with a different group of girls, I just switched the location of my home. I could never imagine myself not being apart of Kappa Delta. This group of girls will always be real and remind me what girl power really means.

White Rose

This is the day where we really seal the deal and our favorite PNMs want to go KD. We really show them what being a Kappa Delta is like and how amazing their life can be if they choose KD. Kappa Delta welcome these girls into our home and we share with them our white rose ceremony. Every time I am apart of this ceremony it brings tears to my eyes because I really love Kappa Delta so much and it is amazing for me to get to share that with my potential new sisters. Today we wore long grey dresses, which is actually a tradition of the Gamma Beta chapter and it looks so beautiful as a group. I’m gonna be honest, I absolutely hated my dress because it is not my style and of course it was too simple for me, but they looked really good against our beautiful light background. Let’s just take a quick moment to appreciate our amazing light background and that gorgeous ice sculpture. Like we really popped off with that.

Best Day, Bid Day

This is the day we have been looking forward to for the past 2 weeks. I was so excited whenever they called out my name and I realized Natalie was my bid day buddy. She’s so cool and I’m really happy she went KD. Bid day was so much fun to hang around all my sisters and welcome our new babies home. I can wait for these girls to literally fall in love with Kappa Delta like I did. The theme was so beautiful, it was “Racing home to KD” and the decorations rocked. We had the greatest snacks ever. If you really know me, I always eat chips and I ate so many. The pizza rolls were delicious and I’m glad I’m a KD because we always have really good food. We took the cutest pictures of PC’19 and made sure they knew how to throw up the right sign. I had to make sure my girl Natalie matched the theme so I gave her a matching skirt to wear with her new shirt. I just had such an amazing day because I loved sharing Kappa Delta with my new sisters. And once again after we were done with stuff at the house, we all went to go eat at a taco place. So yea, it was a great day.

I just want to brag about my amazing, talented sisters who spent so much time on these letters and they are SOOOO CUTE!!

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