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Let me share with you all what my life was like this weekend. My best friend in the entire world came to visit me and we saw our favorite artist. In a nutshell, it was the most beautiful weekend I have ever had, thus far. This might sound kind of weird but I live each day with the mindset that it’s the best day of my life. I just think that you’re never going to know whenever your last day is going to be so might as well really live life. Aside from my life perspective, Kennedy, my literal soul mate came to see me. Kenny and I had the experience of our lives whenever we went to go see Daniel Caesar. Let me remind you just how much I love him and how I really just love music in general. Personally, I feel that I would be a completely different person if I didn’t listen to music and didn’t have any angelic sounds to get through my days. So naturally you all should know that me and Benns waited 7 hours outside just to be front row for our poetic king. Looking back now, I don’t remember it being that long of a time. I feel as if it was like 10 minutes because the whole time I was just hanging out with my bestie listening to good music, so it was pretty chill.
Now to talk about the concert, it was the most beautiful thing ever. Every event that happened that night ended up working out and turning into the greatest memory. We’re inside the venue for a max 10 minutes and Kennedy literally passes out. No joke she dropped to the ground but some how she managed get approved from the medics and got escorted all the way back through the crowd to get to the front with me. She also saved me from dehydration and rescued me with water. This all occurred in perfect timing right before the opening act came out. Koffee was a new artist that I never heard before and their Jamaican inspired music had me feeling so good and in a super chill mood to see one of my favorite artists. I added my favorite song by Koffee down below if anyone wants to hear it. You can also follow my Spotify if you ever want to listen to the same music as me.

I wish that I had words that could even describe how this concert made me feel. Daniel sounded like something that could never be played from my headphones. His voices sounds so angelic live and I could see him performing by giving his heart to us through his music. Once the show began I was completely speechless. There was a backdrop of draped fabric that had a light shinned perfectly on it so we could his band playing their instruments in the shadows. You can see how cool it looks with him singing. Everyone in the whole entire room was so mellow and were really all just hanging out and watching him sing to us. I really loved the visuals that he had playing during a few of his songs. During Get You, he had a video of Kali Uchis dancing behind him. I appreciate whenever an artist performs a song that features someone else because they find cool ways to incorporate them in. He also performed TOO DEEP TO TURN BACK and let me tell you all that I am completely shook. His backup singers, who were all completely beautiful, sang the beat to the song as a beautiful video played behind them all. Most of the duration of this concert, I really was just admiring and listening to Daniel Caesar sing the songs that I listen to almost everyday to me. It was absolutely worth the wait outside for almost half of my day, because I was able to stand front and center to see one of my favorite artist sing with my best friend by my side. I actually cried a lot during the show because it was absolutely beautiful. Right as I could feel the concert was about to be over, I actually got really sad because he didn’t play Japanese Denim which was my favorite song by him for the absolute longest time. Daniel Caesar has left the stage at this point and the whole crowd starts shouting Japanese Denim and I start crying because I know he HAS to come out and sing. Of course, the first beat of the song dropped and I am shaking because it was a life changing experience to see this being sang right in front of me. I knew that once this song was over, I would have been fulfilled by seeing Daniel Caesar live. Just so you all could experience the same beauty I did, you can all watch some of the videos I added down below.

This song on its own is amazing, but adding the backup vocals and the video just makes it a true work of art.

Whenever Daniel performed Open Up, my jaw literally dropped to the ground. His vocals are absolutely amazing. He sounded so much better live because you could hear the emotion in his voice. This song is a different tune from the original song at some parts and I personally think it sounds so pure.

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