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This playlist goes out to all my ladies for a little bit of inspiration! My bestie monique inspired me to make this little music mix. :))

I want to start this off by saying how my computer broke and why I wasn’t able to post last week. So, I’m getting onto my monster tall bed, not realizing my computer was on the very edge and it just fell 6 feet on the ground. At first I had no idea what fell until I was laying down about to watch Jane the Virgin and finally realized I don’t have a computer to do that. Moral of the story is that my computer screen broke and I didn’t have one for a week. But I’m back now to tell you about what’s new in the Real life of Alli.

This school year I set a goal for myself to get more involved in school and meet people through clubs. About 2 weeks ago, I went to a club called HerCampus and it’s basically a women empowerment club. They hosted an event called Pink Table Talk and we talked about different problems women face. Going to this event really opened my eyes to see how so many girlies relate to the same issues. It was really cool to be apart of an interactive discussion about several topics but the ones that I liked the most were abortion laws, women in the workplace and skin care. I just want to share my opinion on these issues because I feel that I have quite a bit to share.

Abortion laws are just so mind blowing. The thing that sets females apart of males is their beautiful ability to give life in to this world. It is a woman’s choice to decide if she wants to have kids or not. Personally, I really just hate kids and I wouldn’t mind not having them. Of course that’s not everyone’s choice, but it is a decision that needs to be respected by everyone, especially someone who does not have the ability to reproduce. An abortion is health care not a crime. There are still several states that have banned abortion beyond a certain point in time and there are are some states that have attempted to ban it in general. Each woman has a different story on why she wants to have an abortion or not. She should not have to explain her reasons to anyone and they should just accept it. Recently, someone shared their story with me and explained how she was pro-life but still had an abortion for herself. Everything happens for a reason and that’s just one thing people have to understand.

Another issue that really gets me fired up is women in the work place and how we are treated. It absolutely disgusts me how men can be such objectifying jerks. Women have fought so hard to get rid of the pay gap and to not only break the glass ceiling but crush it! I can’t wait until I’m finally working and able to contribute my thousand ideas. I still have no idea what I want to do exactly but I am getting more excited about digital retail and the internet marketplace. There are so many opportunites in this industry and I’m trying to learn as much as I can right now so I can always be one step ahead of any man. HAHA. Side note, not just in the workplace, but men in general can be really gross. I absolutely hate the fact that I have to take my pepper spray everywhere I go because I’m terrified of a guy coming to kill me. I love being a girl, but I just hate feeling scared sometimes because I am a girl. There are so many people in this world that have really messed up mentalities and it is sad that this is the reality we face.

One of my favorite topics is skincare. I can talk forever about proper skin health and some of my favorite tricks that keep my skin looking youthful. Moisturizing is the most import thing you can do for your skin. This prevents wrinkles from forming and keeps your skin glowing and soft. My go-to moisturizer is the Mario Badescu hydro moisturizer with vitamin C. This moisturizer has sunscreen in it and I can not emphasis how important it is to protect your skin and apply sunscreen every morning. Vitamin C is vital to ensure you have the correct amount of antioxidants for your skin, as well as preventing and treating UV damage. I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible because I do not want to get wrinkles from the harmful UV rays. I always have super dark purple under eyes despite the amount of sleep I get. I started using a vitamin C eye cream and I have noticed how my dark circles have gradually gotten lighter. Soon, I’ll do a whole skin care routine and you can all see how I treat my skin on the daily.

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