It’s coming UP

So this week I was challenged to tell the future in my trend analysis class. We have an assignment where we have to pick one thing that we think is going to be an upcoming trend or popular in different styles. I really picked my brain and thought about all the things that I recently started wearing or what was trendy this past summer. The past few months I was really into cheetah print. That was my go to for everything from class, parties and work. I also noticed that everyone and their moms’ all owned a cheetah midi skirt or dress. That was the cheetah look of the summer. There’s also a few people straying away from the cheetah print and being unique with cow print. Typically, I saw many different fanny packs and scarfs. Again, that was summer, now we are transitioning into the best time of the year. Fall! With the drastic change in seasons, there needs too be a drastic change in the print of the season.

Cow Print. That is what I want to be a new trend this upcoming season. The first time I really became obsessed with cow print was in January whenever Kylie Jenner wore it as a swimsuit. However, it didn’t really pick up then and I kind of want it to be a thing coming up. I think this black and white print can be seen as classy because you can absolutely dress it up with some jewelry if you wanted to. It can also be seen as a trendy, casual style. This bag is from the Marques’Almeida 19 collection and I want to see if it becomes a new found craze. Personally, I don’t own any cow print at this moment, but when my pants come in next week I will style them and hopefully everyone will fall in love with the print. I am so excited for this soon to be change into my cold weather wear. This is my favorite time of the year to express my style and layer many different combinations.

Here’s some more examples of cow print being out of the ordinary. If you are not dead set on the black and white print, there are neutral colors too. This brown print is actually super cute to pair with gold jewelry and can be casual or dressy. The pants are a great balanced mix between both color combinations.

Throughout the rest of this year, I will be keeping up on this trend and see how other people view it. I’m also going to try and keep adding in my new favorite trends or basically just anything I like in this category. This fashion insights is just a closer look into my personal fashion opinions.

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