join the re-VULVA-lution

I’m excited to share with you all what new things I am doing and how life has been for me. So, recently I have partnered with Queen V and they started a campaign called join the re-vulva-loution. It is our fun approach on a topic that most women find confusing and embarrassing to talk about. I host events on my campus to promote the importance of women’s health and why it is okay for us to be more open about it. This opportunity has given me the ability to empower women to take control of their bodies and be confident in who they are. You all know how I am all about trying to make others feel confident, so this is just another way for me to support my girls.

For a few weeks now, I have been using Queen V products and I’m kind of in love. They have a range of products that help you Maintain, Enjoy and Heal you V. One of my new shower essentials is the V-bar and this is such a great product for everyone to try out first. It smells so clean and it leaves you feeling renewed. Everyday I have been taking their dd probiotics and I have more energy throughout the day. Plus, I feel better, my body is doing really good at the moment. Out of all the products that I tried out, my current favorite is the spritzer. It makes me feel so refreshed and it’s good to have for whenever you want a clean boost. One of my favorite daily routines is to care about myself in all ways, so I uplift myself by saying my daily mantra. The one thing I say to myself all the time is ‘I am’. This just means that have the power to do anything that I want to do. I can feel however I am actually feeling. By constantly reminding myself that I am whoever I want to be, it has helped me be more confident and be happy with myself.

I want to share what my days are like and how I have sort of changed my approach on things to help me be successful and less stressed. Notice how I say sort of because I am still a mess at times. School is really going pretty great right now. I became a much more organized student and I try to make to-do lists each day. After so many years of always having a planner, I finally decided to start using it regularly. It has helped me to always see when my stuff is due or what meeting I have coming up. My mom used to always tell me to use a planner but for some reason I just never did and it’s honestly really helped keep me sane. For most of my life, I was a really bad procrastinator and I waited until the last minute to do so much because I either forgot or was just lazy. Now that I actually plan out my days and see what work I have to do, it helps me get a little done each day so I don’t have to worry about it all at once. This has helped me become a better student because I am always staying on top of my assignments and looking over my notes each day to actually learn new things. Each day when I wake up, if I have time, I will make a list of all the things I have to accomplish that day and it really helps motivate me. Getting organized can really help you feel prepared each day and less stressed out in the long run.

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