For the Love of Music

A recent collaboration of all the songs that have been inspiring me.

I want to start this all off by saying how much music means to me and how it is a soul component of friendships that brings everyone together. Living in Denton has given me so many more opportunities to see my favorite artists in concert and experience listening to good music with the people I love. I feel like I have to share these crazy things I’ve experienced the past few days by simply just hanging out and listening to music. Side note, I needed a few days after ACL for my brain to start to function normally. 

Last Thursday, I went to see Tame Impala in concert and had a serious life changing experience. Before the concert event started, my friend Katelyn and I were reflecting on all the concerts we went to and basically making fun of how we were such big fan girls. I went to so many concerts when I was younger and always bought a stupid t-shirt that made me feel so cool. Particularly One Direction, those five boys are the main reason why I am the women I am today. Flash forward, I’m walking into the concert towards our lawn seats and it just feels so nice to see so many people hanging out all ready to hear some crazy music. I laid out my Kappa Delta shield blanket, of course, and it already smells like home outside. Once the band came out and started playing songs, I was literally speechless. It was such a thrilling experience to see one of my favorite bands performing right in front of me eyes. I was dancing like a fool to the songs that I listen to almost every day whenever I’m driving or getting ready. Here’s where it gets crazy, this lady came up to me and my friends and said we reminded her so much of herself. At this point, my mind was blown. I never got her name, but I named her Jean. HAHA. It was just really crazy because she basically told us that we’re going to be good and that she wants us to experience everything in life. I wasn’t expecting that at all so I just kind of thought about it the rest of the concert.

Now, let me get into this concert. It was one of the most insane life experiences I’ve had thus far. Literally, they put on a whole experience not even a show. Each song I knew every word and every beat to it. They had crazy graphics that deceived my eyes and made me feel like I was dancing around inside a music video. There were confetti blasting out and fireworks lighting up the stage. From where I was sitting in the lawn section, I could see the entire stage and it was insane to watch the show just as one big thing. It was actually really cool sitting there because I had my shoes off and I was dancing around, then I could lay down if I got tired and I could also jump around like a psycho if I wanted to. Tame Impala is just a band that can bring so many different people together. Their music is what I consider psychedelic indie rock. At the show, there were crazy rave girls there, old couples, families, and sort of normal people like me. During that entire concert I felt like I was at Woodstock, if I ever could have been. Everyone was just chilling out listening to music that is meant to be heard in a beautiful atmosphere. I was talking to my friend Katelyn and I described Tame Impala as a modern-day version of The Beatles. Tame reminded me of them because they have a similar look and their music has the same melody styles as a few Beatles song do. They’re also from another country other than the US and they have beautiful Australian accents. If the Beatles could put on a show right now, it would be so similar to a Tame Impala concert. There is an increased advancement in technology and graphic design from when the Beatles were performing in the 60s. Whenever I was in 8th grade, I was obsessed with the Beatles. Literally I was in love with John Lennon. So pretty much, I basically saw the Beatles too, right. 

After the performance, reality didn’t just return back to normal. There was another band performing at a different stage at the same venue. They were called the Roomsounds and they played soft rock music that was perfect to listen to after that extreme rollercoaster. Touching back on the story about past fan girl Alli, there were three girls standing by us dancing around, all in the concert shirts and it made me so happy because that was me and I know they’re all going to be amazing in life. The irony of me buying the vinyl of the band that performed after the band I came to see is only something I would have to do. I went to get the record and it ended up being the second album, but of course the singer gave me a cd copy of the first album just to have too. Ugh, how wholesome. There was also a random guy from Wisconsin that came to talk to me and all he said was that I had to listen to this band called Widespread Panic. It was the creepiest thing ever because he said I had to listen to the Til the Medicine Takes album and “there would be something wrong with me if I didn’t like it.” I wish I could make this stuff up, but this was such a crazy night for me. Finally, after a week of reflecting over this experience I listened to the album which was made the year I was born in actually. To be honest, I actually did like it and the songs have really strong easy listening beats. It gave me Kurt Cobain vibes and I forever love that man. Sometimes I actually get really sad that I was never able to see him perform live, but life goes on. Pretty much from this night, I learned that everything in life finds its own way to work out. It seemed like all of the things that I have ever loved in my life all connected and became such a beautiful thing that makes me so happy.

After the show, Katelyn, McKenna and I hanging out listening to the Roomsounds.

This was the very last few moments of the concert and it is just a short experience of how the whole show actually was like.

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