Self-Care Sunday

I want to start this off by encouraging everyone to be confident in yourself and I want to remind you to not forget who you are. I haven’t been blogging that much recently because I have been going through it and I needed to take time to be by myself for a second. This past week I noticed that I was always staying busy with school, Kappa Delta, and all the other fashion clubs I am in. (I’ll be making a little fit for a fashion show I have coming up, so stay tuned) I started to see myself becoming really stressed out over the smallest things and it made me start to go insane. 

Sometimes in life you have to step back and focus on the things that matter the most to you. Whenever you work on getting yourself better, everything in life will fall into place. This past week I tried to take time for myself to do things that make me happy. I went to a recycled book store and ended up getting 5 new records and have relaxed by listening to all my new music. I also planned two really cool events this past week and I’m glad it’s over and they turned out perfect. I planned a vision board making sisterhood event and had a Queen V collaging event mixer with It’s on Us. I really tried to call my mom more and she helped me get my sanity back. Sometimes self-care can just be connecting with your family and remembering your roots. This past weekend I took a much-needed break and spent some time with my family in Austin. My mind just needed to get away from school and my responsibilities pretty much. I love hanging out with my family because they’re always there to roast me and check up on me at the same time. I drove to Austin and it was so therapeutic for me to drive and blast my favorite songs. Before I left, I created just a random list of queued songs that I knew I would love. For some random reason, it was so excited for me to try and guess what song was coming up. My aunt lives in the mountains pretty much and it was so peaceful to drive through the winding roads, even though I was also terrified. 

Whenever people think about self-care everyone just assumes, we do a face mask and all your troubles fade away. This is true but there is so much more to loving yourself. During the past few days though, I have been really focusing on exfoliating and moisturizing my skin and prepping it for this upcoming frozen weather. Whenever the weather gets cold outside, my skin tends to get really dry and I’m stuck applying moisturizer much more often. Right now, I am focusing on exfoliating dry spots on my face, it typically tends to be around my nose. I am moisturizing my skin with morning sunscreen and nightly serums. My favorite serum at the moment is my vitamin C eye cream. I cannot emphasis how much this has actually helped my dark circles become less purple. One of my other favorites is my retinol plumping serum for anti-aging. It is never to early to start caring about your aging skin. I really recommend going to the ordinary, it is a skin care website and you can take a quiz to see which regiment is the best fit for your skin.  

This week I want to challenge everyone to do something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and you set aside time to worry about yourself. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and blast it everywhere you go. Even though it is important to focus a lot on yourself but don’t forget to make sure your friends are doing good too. 

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