Change of Season, Change of Heart

This is a recent playlist of all the newest music that came out last week and I have so much to say about these new releases so stay tuned…

Happy Halloweek!! If you know literally anything about me, then you have to know Halloween is my favorite holiday ever. So yes..I will be dedicating a post to all my costumes next week. With the new gust of cold air coming in, this is the start to the greatest and worst time of the year. Personally, the cold weather puts me into a gloomy mood and my seasonal depression really starts to kick in. Last week, I sort of mentioned how I was just feeling really down and I was going through the start of the bad part. I shared a lot of my favorite tips for how to make yourself feel happier and ways to not get into a deep, dark place. This week I want to share with you all one of my really tough times and how I overcame it to be the confident woman I am today. 

The person I was at start of college is completely different than the girl I am today. I was shy for the first time ever in my life and I started to criticize myself in ways that I never even focused on before. I was so worried about stuff about myself that I used to love. Slowly I noticed that I didn’t like my brown, curly hair because all the ignorant boys just liked the girls with blonde, straight hair. I also started to hate the fact that I was 5,8” and was taller than pretty much everyone in heels. My entire life, I loved my curly hair and I loved how I towered over everyone, but what was the thing that made such a difference in college? Oh yea, literally dumb boys. I was so worried about a boy liking me or whatever their irrelevant opinion was about me. Now, I laugh at how much I cared about the opinion of a man and why I felt like it was such a huge problem for me to not have a boyfriend. After much needed time of reflection and self-love, I learned to be okay on my own and just love everything about me. Yesterday, my friend Chelsea actually told me how I’m the only person that she knows who can have a better time alone than with someone else. My initial thought was how crazy that was because I used to be so dependent on others and how I needed to always be around someone. Around the same time yesterday, we had a Kappa Delta date dash event and we had to 30 minutes to find a date and meet back up at an ice cream shop. Moral of the story, me being the pure embodiment of girl power, I went alone. HAHAHA, but the whole point of that little moment is that I actually am okay on my own and I appreciate the fact that I am so independent. 

Some advice that I want to share with you all is that it is okay to be on your own. The best growth comes from within and it is kind of necessary to be on your own to discover what you need. I used to be afraid to go places by myself, eat alone or go to an event and not know anyone, but now I use times like this to get out of my shell and meet people on my own. I also used to be really scared to sleep by myself because I always had bad nightmares and for some reason I thought that every time I went to bed someone would kill me. However, now I finally got over this fear by drinking a larger amount of hot tea to calm me down before bed and investing in a Slip mask. I realized a lot of my fears were just in my head and once I put it in my mind that I overthink about situations, it has helped me worry less about so many frivolous issues. One major thing that can help you focus on yourself and help manage the issue you think you’re facing is to find something you are passionate about. I realized I loved to blog and write about the stuff going on in my life and it has actually helped me focus so much more on all the good in my life. Finding something that you are passionate about will give you the extra boost to find that joy in your life to help keep that passion burning. 

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