My New Bestie. Snoop.

One of my favorite playlists to get me in the mood to go INSANE.

My mind is literally blown and liquified. Yesterday I saw Snoop with my best friends ever and I absolutely have to write about this experience, so I don’t forget this time in my life. I got to see a taste of how my dad was hanging out in the 90s and let me just tell you all that I would have fit right the heck in. Ever since I can remember my dad was always blasting NWA and my mom would be so mad that I was 7 years old knowing all the words to some bad freaking songs. I am so thankful that my parents never let me play my music because they really put me onto some insane bops. It is mindblowing how music can really bring people together. There were stupid kids like us, gangsters and just old people vibing to the same legendary beats. Before Snoop even came out, my eyes got to witness the Goodie Mob perform. Cell Therapy live was literally too much for me. Also, because it’s me, I was obsessed with the whole fit aesthetics of everyone. CeeLo Green rocked his legendary red sweat suit while everyone else coordinated in some sort of camo ensemble. This was before Snoop was supposed to perform and he literally was so wholesome just hanging out on stage, dancing to the music and of course smoking a FAT blunt. Snoop has literally been around since the beginning of time basically, so to me it was so beautiful to see all the tributes he played during his show. It all started with Nipsey Hussle, followed by the iconic Easy-E, then the Notorious Biggie Smalls and finally ended with 2Pac. To be honest, I was emo after this. I wasn’t expecting to listen to songs by iconic hip-hop legends, on top of seeing Snoop right in front of me. Easy-E was my dad’s favorite member of NWA and whenever Snoop blasted Boyz-N-The-Hood, I was in shock and sang my heart out. I actually got a little Hypnotized whenever I heard the sound of one of my favorite Biggie songs too. Thankful that he gave me the Ten Crack Commandments to live by. HAHA. Snoop was so iconic to honor his friends and vibe to some of his favorite songs by them. We’re not done with the 90s throwback though, whenever I heard the first beat of Gangster Party, I really would have cried if I wasn’t so dehydrated. Seriously though, Snoop singing this was so amazing. Tupac Shakur really is one of my favorite rappers of all time and I’m genuinely sad he’s not performing. Maybe I’m braindead but I’m positive he’s still alive just hanging out, he got tired of all the fame. Ya know.

Honestly,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         it was so cool to hear the music that started rap today. Me just being completely honest, I don’t like rap. Today’s rap isn’t my favorite and if I’m in the mood to get hype I would much rather listen to 90s hip-hop than today’s tunes. I think it’s just because this was the first rap music I was ever exposed to and I just appreciate the lyrics and beats so much more because I actually have a connection to that music. Rap back then was such a movement. It was good music that made people defy the normal rules of society and it changed the way society views the cops, drugs and gangsters. 

Snoop knew how much everyone wanted to see him and made sure to say that we crossed him off our bucket lists. I’ve been waiting to see Snoop Dogg ever since I was a kid chugging sun drop every day because Drop It Like It’s Hot was in the commercial. How ridiculous am I?? Nothing will ever compare to hearing “heyyyyeyyy smoke weed every day” live, straight from the mouth of THE Snoop Dogg. Not saying I even smoke weed at all, but IF I did it would be because Snoop told me to. LOLLL. I was with my best friends and it was so beautiful listening to all the music we love together. I still want to become besties with Snoop and I’m sad he didn’t invite us to join his entourage. Aww. However, this night has been the greatest experience in my life this far. I’m actually depressed he’s still not performing in front of me right now, but that’s okay. 

This version of Young, Wild and Free was so angelic. He ended the show leaving me speechless.

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