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Hey baby kitties. So, I want to first start off by just saying how important you are to someone and whenever you feel down don’t forget your worth. In our messed-up world, it is so easy to forget who you are and all the potential that you have to offer. Honestly, life is really hard. If anyone hasn’t told you this, you’re really doing good at the moment. We are all at the stage in our life where we are figuring everything out and there is no need to get down about the things you do to succeed in. I am always an easy-going person and typically go with the flow of life. The past few weeks have been really beating me up and I had many setbacks that brought me down. I had to use my inner strength to pull myself back up. This upcoming year I challenged myself and decided to run for VP PR for Kappa Delta because everyone knows I am obsessed with KD. I actually really wanted this position because I wanted to help represent the image of KD and get more practice on my own marketing skills. There’s so many visions that I had for all of our baby events and don’t get me started on the cute theme I wanted our Instagram to have. I also thought it would help motivate me to be more independent and become more responsible by being in charge of so much. We all know life is tough, but it is fair. I didn’t get the position and at first, I was disappointed in myself but then I realized that I shouldn’t trip about stuff that I can’t change. Think about it, should you really spend your valuable time dwelling on things that are completely out of your control? Absolutely not. 

Of course, this set back didn’t just knock me down, I used it as an opportunity to seek different options for me. I wanted to expand my Kappa Delta mindset and focus more on sororities and Greek life as a whole. After a little bit of encouragement from my president, I applied for Panhellenic executive council. I expressed what I had envisioned for the upcoming year and some ways that I wanted to establish the feminist values that sorority girls should believe in. While I was filling this application out, it asked what I thought about how women are treated like in the Greek community and how it is so different from men. It disgusts me how there is such a difference in standards for males and females. Sorority houses are required to be on sorority row, which is school owned property versus fraternities being able to reside off campus. With that in mind, women are not allowed to host parties or promote underage drinking, but it’s almost encouraged for frats to do this. Not saying that partying is encouraged in this phase of our lives, but I’m saying it would be so dope if Kappa Delta through the sickest party of the year. Fraternities receive more privilege and their actions are more tolerated than sororities. I don’t think you all understand how many rape cases there are from fraternities that get absolutely no justice. It is nasty how frat boys think it is just okay to try and get away with mistreating women. Colleges are so lenient on frats and continue to let them get away with everything. This is one of the main reasons why men feel so entitled because they are used to taking the easy way out. There are so many ways to revise old                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   traditions and universities should take a look to notice the disparities in fraternities and sororities’ prerogatives. Aside from this whole rant, I really wanted to have a say in the Panhellenic community, so I could have spoken about women equality and why it is so important for women to speak up for their injustices. 

This time I just accepted it, again there is no reason to stress about stuff out of your control. I was not given the opportunity to represent Kappa Delta in the Panhellenic community. Instead of crying and rolling around in the ground, I used this as a sign to focus on myself and prioritize what matters most in my life. Everyone knows how discouraging rejection is and how it makes you feel like you failed. After spending much needed time alone, I realized that I had to change my mindset and focus on all the positives in my life. Even if I do not have a huge new position or an added title to my name, doesn’t mean I’m still not able to be totally amazing. There is so much else to be thankful for and an abundance of positive attributes that I have. My health is doing good, I’m excelling in all my classes and I have family and friends that genuinely want the best for me. The past couple of weeks were pretty rough, but I had to constantly remind myself about all the amazing things I want to accomplish and that helped me keep me going. 

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