Halfway Mark

Today I start my junior year in college. Let me repeat that, my junior year of college. I am already halfway through my carefree college days and to be honest with you, I’m scared. You’re probably thinking, ‘it is not a big deal you still got time,’ and you are also absolutely right. I have lots of time left to get my life completely sorted out. This semester will help me get a better understanding on the path that I want to take and what I actually want to do in the fashion industry. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed talking about it because there are so many options for me to learn more and be better at. Personally, I feel like I just have so many interests that I really need to focus on one specific thing that I’m going to just go crazy on. More recently, I’ve been focusing a lot on sewing and trying to design some clothes even though I have countless unfinished projects already. To me, sewing is just a hobby. Just a little something I like to do in my free time and blast my music. I do not plan on being a huge mama fashion designer like my girl K Smith.

One thing I am super excited about exploring this semester is product development. I recently just took a textiles class that I made an A in by the way. Let me be the first to say, fabric is no freaking joke. I studied for a ridiculous amount of hours just to make sure I actually knew my stuff. It was pretty intense having to learn so much about textiles all at once, but once you understood the concept of things it was a lot easier to make the overall picture make sense. So, after a seamster of being a slave to fabric, I actually grew to kind of like it and being able to tell someone the exact fabric they’re wearing. This semester is going to be the real test of my knowledge because I am taking a whole course on product development. I am super pumped for this because if being a trend analysis is not the right field for me, I think being a product developer could be my thing. It is sort of a combination of knowing textiles and being able to predict future trends. Maybe this could be fun for me?? IDK.

In case you all don’t know this, I am double majoring in fashion merchandising and digital retailing. Whoa, insane I know. This semester I am really starting to focus more on my digital retailing major and I’m taking several classes to help me figure out how retail is becoming so technologically advanced. I have my first ever night class and it is strictly focusing on digital platforms and website design. ;)) So, I am sure you all will soon be seeing major changes to the site. This girl is also taking a PR class and hopefully I will learn to market myself better and really take this whole blog to a completely different level.

Reflecting back on my old school routines, I really embraced the fact that I am growing up and I have to change my old daily habits. Normally, I would wake up 10 minutes before my class started, throw on a random outfit and barely make it on time or always walk in late. This decade has really opened my eyes on how I need to take advantage of each day and really focus on whatever I have to do. I promised myself that I would focus on getting proper amounts of sleep and staying on top of my diet. Shamelessly, I would literally just eat chips or snacks because I literally had no idea how to cook for myself, so you can just assume how bad my diet always was. I really want to focus on staying in shape and being healthy instead of losing weight. Yesterday, I made some veggies and chicken for the week, but instead of separating it into smaller portion containers, I just mixed it in one huge bowl. Obviously I don’t have meal prepping 100% down, but it is definitely the thought that counts and at least I will be eating real meals during the week. This morning I woke up at a pretty decent hour and I had time to do a little yoga session, drink my green tea in peace and write a little blog while still having lots of time to get ready for class. I really have no clue who this grown up Alli is, but I’m starting to like how she’s getting it all together. Right now everything is steadily going uphill and the possibilities are endless. In 5 months, we will see how much this semester has changed Alli for the better hopefully.

Published by Allison C Dibble

I am a college girl, looking for ways to be trendy and save money. You can see a taste of my life by my outfits and my everyday activities.

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