Fashion of the Future

Today I was inspired after I went to the art walk downtown to talk about what you all should be expecting in your fashion future this upcoming year. I went into this sweet little vintage boutique called Chels Marie. It is one of my new go to stores in Corpus because I made one of my 2020 goals to be a more sustainable shopper. Since it is a vintage store, there are a variety of one of a kind items all throughout the store. In case you don’t really know how vintage items are priced, some of them can be expensive or really cheap. It mainly depends on the brand and style of it. There was a whole collection of clothes outside the store that were all $3 and let me be the one to tell you all, I found some deals deals. 

In the upcoming months I’ll be finishing up some work that I have been doing for NuView, which is just a fashion magazine that I’m apart of at school. I am so excited to share with you all this amazing evolution of fashion across 100 years. Naturally, with everything that has inspired me, I choose to cover the 60s and 70s. So, I am extremely excited with all of the dope finds I found today at the vintage store. Don’t worry you all will see soon enough all the amazing looks I will sew and style to perfectly present the past.

My whole point on focusing so much about this store and these vintage items is to talk about what we all should be expecting in this upcoming year and decade of course. We will be expecting a lot of comfortable concepts, glitter with a lot of glam and soft, playful pastel shades. Everyone has high expectations of 2020 resembling the Roaring 1920s, but how are we actually going to pull that off? People obviously need to throw Gatsby approved events where we will be able to show off our glamour and express a new sense of style you wanted to try out this new year. Some of my favorite looks, or should I say some of my everyday fits always include some type of glitter or extra sparkles. You can definitely plan on seeing a huge spike in the amount of sparkles you will see on an everyday basis in this upcoming year. The 1920s were an insane time to live through all of the struggles that we only know as ancient history. I mean can you imagine living through the prohibition and actually living through a world freaking war. 

Wait, HOLD UP. That is sort of in a way, exactly what we’re going through. Not necessarily the same situation, but we are in the middle of a tobacco prohibition. They had a previous law where you could not buy tobacco products unless you were 21, but of course they added an improved grandfather clause. This particular clause meant that if you were over the age of 18 after a certain date, then you could still buy tobacco products because obviously they’re not going to just make you quit, right? Well recently, they adjusted the law and nobody under the age of 21 can buy any tobacco products, so yes that obviously includes swishers. HAHA. This pretty much is a prohibition for people who smoke tobacco, right?? Of course, this is old news though, but one major thing that is the newest scandal according to Twitter is World War III. We are also maybe, possibly living through the early stages of a potential world war. Do you all understand that WORLD War. Whenever I think about how life was actually like during that time, it kind of blows my mind. In no way can I even imagine living that type of life and going through their daily routines. I feel like if we went into a whole world war, our entire human popular would have no idea how to react to that much chaos with the excessive amount of technology we have today. So, aside from talking about all of the sudden infatuation on Twitter to create funny memes of a potential worldwide massacre or the increased cut back of the sell of tobacco products, we can look forward to some glamourous and glitzy blasts from the pasts that will soon be upon us again. 

Published by Allison C Dibble

I am a college girl, looking for ways to be trendy and save money. You can see a taste of my life by my outfits and my everyday activities.

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