College in a Nutshell

Okay now that we are finally done with school, I’ve had so much time to reflect on my first year of college. Also, sorry for not posting in literally soooo long, I’ve definitely going through it. Anyways, there’s so many things people forget to tell you about this huge change in your life. You literally have to figure it out yourself by discovering who you really are. There have been so many times this past year when I wanted to give up but I also had some of the greatest times of my life. I would definitely consider myself the most indecisive person in the world, no big deal. Last year, I had the hardest time picking which school I wanted to be for the next four years. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life either, so that makes it just a little bit more difficult. I had to actually experience the world on my own to figure out what I really wanted. I’m a strong believer in everything happening for a reason. This past year I was able to live and see all the typical crazy college things you would expect. There were a thousand times I got locked out of my room, I went to class late in my pajamas, I had the upmost stress during recruitment and became apart of the best sorority. Oh and we can not forget about my crazy roommate that cooked legit meals on her George Foreman grill everyday and switched to another dorm a week before school ended. HAHAHAHA..I had no idea what I was supposed to be expecting in college but it was not exactly like it is the movies. I remember whenever I was home for Christmas Break, I did not want to back to Lubbock at all because I really hated it. :// Anyways, I powered through and finished my first year, but I knew Tech was absolutely not for me. I struggled so much adjusting actually, it was hard for me to be so far from home and have absolutely no friends whenever I first started school. I also hated my major and Tech just did not have any good options for me that I wanted to pursue. But aside from actual school, I am so thankful I went through recruitment and joined Kappa Delta. (also you’re gonna learn more about sorority life in a lil bit LOL) Whenever people would tell me that you find your home whenever you feel at home, I really had no idea what they were talking about at all. However, whenever I learned more about our philanthropy with the Girl Scouts and how KD’s platform was confidence, I knew that that’s what I wanted in a sorority. There’s so many different girls in my sorority and it’s amazing to always have a sister to do anything with. Being apart of a sorority really helped me feel at home even though I was no where near home. There is always a sister to be there for you, everyone is going through the same struggles and genuinely wants to be there for you. I met my best friends through Kappa Delta and I have no clue how my life would have been without them this year. At the time, I was really struggling with being on my own and I struggled with depression really bad. My friends literally always kept me going, there wasn’t a time where I was ever alone and I was always my true self around my girlies. The friends you meet in college, really are your friends for life. There is no BS drama like there was in high school, everyone cares about the real world instead of having petty issues. Throughout this year, I had so much growth emotionally and my self confidence really changed into something great. I think college is where I really grew up and began to not worry about what other people thought because I had no idea who they were anyways. Just some advice for anyone going to college next year, it may seem really scary at first but college will be a seriously beautiful life changing experience for you!!

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