21st Century Woman

I want to talk to each and everyone one of you on life as a woman. Times are changing but, realistically are they??? In our society today, women are still being treated as the weaker sex and are being negatively spoken about in some way for their actions. Before I go into a whole rant about women being better than men, I just want everyone to know that this is my opinion. I have a right to speak my truth and my reasons why I know we are not equal individuals. As a woman, I want to establish the fact that men have always had the mentality of women being lesser than them, but it is now the 21st century so wake the hell up.

Recently, I had a few events take place in my life that really confirmed my perspective that women are still being treated unfairly. In my particular experiences, I was just not given the same respect that a man would have received. As you all know, I posted something last week about being independent and how I am confident in my body, just like every other girl has the right to be too. One thing that makes my blood boil is how many people acted like they were disappointed in me and kind of mad that I posted a picture of me in a bra. Someone please show me the difference between my pic and a boy without a shirt on outside. Someone please show me the difference between that picture and my bikini pics from last summer. In some instances, whenever a woman’s nudes get leaked, guys send those images out so fast and do things that only God knows, but they disparage a woman for posting her own sexy pics. These types of situations are one of the reasons why it genuinely makes me so upset that women are confident enough to show themselves off, but some careless people enjoy bringing others down in order to feel better about themselves.  Our society has these set ideals that we are expeditious to follow instead of bothering to depart from old beliefs and catch up with current times. Women have fought for years just to have the basic human right of being equal to the opposite sex and we have certainly made progress in breaking the glass ceiling. Why is it that some men still do not see a woman as their equal individual who all coincide in one world?

One thing that I will never in my life ever tolerate is a little insecure boy yelling at me. On Monday, I went to have a nice, peaceful meal at Chili’s and I was in the middle of eating my chips and ranch whenever some drunk idiot came to sit at my table. Literally at first, I thought it was a stupid dare, but the guy would not leave and kept bothering me and all my friends after we made it clear we didn’t want him to sit with us. The situation would have been completely different if he would have been polite and said HI and just walked away. Instead, this turned into a whole fiasco at Chili’s on a Monday. This guy was an African American male and kept shouting how we should all be hanging out *the n word* and it seemed like he tried to justify his unacknowledged advances on racism when that had absolutely nothing to do with his actions. Side note, I think that word should never be used, it has such a negative connotation behind it and to me it is really disrespectful to just throw that word around like it means nothing. It disgusts me whenever men do not hold themselves accountable for their own actions. His imprudent, misogynistic deeds were completely uncalled for and this boy tried to justify his wrongdoings by pulling the race card on the wrong situation. I’m sorry, I do not care what you look like, but if you are making me or my friends feel uncomfortable then I’m not just going to let that be okay. After this dude leaves, we continue to enjoy our meal and then he proceeds to sit down with us AGAIN! At this point, we are all yelling in hopes of getting this boy away from our table and out of that restaurant. He was screaming at my friend for giving him a dirty look and asking him to get away from our girl’s night dinner. No REAL man should ever yell at a girl in an ugly way ever!! The thing that made me so furious about this whole incident is that the guy was not alone. He came with two other guys and girls that just sat back and allowed him to approach us more than once and harass us in the middle of Chili’s. Not to mention there were two other guys that sat right behind us and did not speak up once. Personally, it does not bother me if a guy speaks up about another guy’s wrongdoings because I can fight my own battles and I like having that power, but I do think you should always stand up for what you think is morally right.

The other day my friend told me about this study she read that talked about toxic masculinity. For those of you who don’t know, like me two days ago, toxic masculinity is the typical adherence to traditional male gender roles that consequently stigmatize and limit the emotions boys feel comfortable expressing. This is why most men rationalize their anger as a way of proving their masculinity. Just because this is true in some cases, I noticed that there are some men who are comfortable enough in their own skin to stand up for the right thing and those men are the true feminists that our world needs more of. I’m not a boy, so I can’t tell you how they think but I do know that some boys are afraid of losing their “manliness” if they take a woman’s side and fight against another man about it. This type of insecure ignorance is why so many women have been taken advantage of and not treated with their well-deserved respect. All it takes is one self-assured man to prove his manliness by standing up for women’s rights to truly change the world.

On my Lonesome

In honor of Valentine’s Day coming and going, I want to talk about being independent, not alone. This was my first year to not have a Valentine and honestly, it felt really good. Whenever I was younger, I was kind of obsessed with watching romance movies and dreaming about what my future love life would be like. As we all know, life does not always end up how you plan it to be. You will be faced with challenges and tribulations that will make you rethink your future goals and what is most important for you. Little baby Alli wanted to have a family, be a mom and hang out all the time. This particular lifestyle is great for some people, there are certain individuals that are made to be mothers and to nurture the people around them. As I’ve grown up and learned more about myself, I came to the realization that that life is not for me. Sorry if it makes me sound heartless, but I cannot imagine myself ever being a mom worrying about a small, tiny baby. 

            Currently, I feel like I am just stuck in a particular phase in my life that I just have to get through and live my life to the absolute fullest in the meantime. I already have my set goals on where I want to be in the future and I can see my dreams in the city coming true soon enough. For the time being, I have to get through school, but I still have time to enjoy being in college and in a sorority. My mentality is that this is the youngest I will ever be, so I have to try new things and make the craziest memories right now. With all this being said, it is really important for me to live my best life and make sure that I am doing something to constantly keep me motivated and wrapped up in life. Back to my whole message about this blog, one really important thing to me is my independence. I am always worried about myself and what’s going on in the environment around me. This may sound kind of selfish, but I cannot always be the one to push people to experience life. I like to worry about myself and ensure that my own mental health is in good condition. In some ways I really think I am dating myself. My actions never have to deal with anyone’s opinions but myself. For Valentine’s Day I bought myself lingerie just because I wanted to. Not like I had a special someone anyways, but it is important to spoil yourself for yourself. It feels amazing to see how beautiful I look in the mirror in my new Savage X set, plus I feel like such a baddie whenever everything matches. Doesn’t have to deal with anyone else, but I just feel good having matching lingerie. I have grown to be more comfortable doing things on my own and I don’t have a problem with it anymore. I love to go eat by myself and I promise you that no one will talk about you because they don’t care that you are alone. Some people struggle with social anxiety and it is difficult to be on your own or to do things by yourself. I totally understand that, personally I do not have this condition and I consider myself a social butterfly.

            Recently, my best friend in the entire world came to visit me and it made me ponder about how lonely I actually am. I am probably the most annoying, indecisive person you will ever meet. At the point in my life, I do not want a relationship, I just do not want someone in my life who can get in the way of me reaching my goals and having my dream career. Alli from 2 years ago literally never could have guessed I would have this mentality today. I am comfortable with myself and confident to be whoever I want without caring about anyone’s judgment. In the future, I see myself on my own and if I am at a point in my life where I want to take care of someone else then I’d definitely adopt. This is one thing that makes my mom crazy because I don’t want to have my own kids. Realistically, it just makes sense to me to adopt. There are so many kids that need a home and a skyrocketing number of individuals that struggle with issues that children should never have to go through. Plus, I hate babies. They’re always crying, and it is exhausting to take care of someone who can literally do nothing for themselves. Obviously, I speak so highly of children, so you have to assume they will be in my near future. (NOT REALLY) 

            One thing that I really want to talk about is relationships. I have been thinking about this so much because I honestly don’t know if I am ready for one or if it’s just not for me. I’m the type of person to like people for their heart and soul. If we have a connection through music, originality or ideals then, I’ll give you a chance. In my life, I just feel like I have so much going on at once that it is hard for me to actually set aside time to see someone and continue to talk to them. Dating is honestly an exhausting process because you pretty much have to tell your whole life story to a different person. I wish that everyone I think I’ll like just knew everything about me, so I don’t have to keep explaining myself. Relationships is a really hard concept for me because I am not necessarily afraid of commitment, but I am scared of being with just one person for potentially the rest of my life. Relationships just lead to confusion and a major loss in friendships. I’m not really sure if this makes me crazy or just a really soft person, but I get really sad whenever I don’t like someone who I guess really likes me. Currently, I am in the college phase of my life like I have absolutely no clue who I want to be with or what I want in a significant other. Old me would be so happy that boys like me and I’m surprisingly getting asked to go on a lot of dates, but the me today is freaking the heck out. I really just wish I could have endless guy friends that don’t end up never speaking to me and hating me whenever I don’t like them. One major thing that makes me sad is whenever I don’t like someone, and I know it hurts their feelings. It just sucks to make people feel sad and I wish I could do something about it, but you can’t force love. Emphasis on not being able to force love. The best things come when you’re least expecting it, but what if I am completely not expecting anything and it just goes right past me. Ending this whole shpeel on a positive note to always worry about the present and don’t inspect the little things too closely.   

Curl Crisis

Today I am sharing some news that has literally shocked and completely saddened me. I never really talked about my hair care routine which is basically the exact same cycle I have been doing for the past 7 years. In 8th grade I took a look in the mirror and knew that I had to change something about my look in order to revive my curls. I have always cared about my hair and whenever it started to curl in 6th grade I had to actually find a routine that worked for my curls. So, I have been going to the Orange Salon since middle school and my saving grace, Elli has always been cutting my hair. Some people thought it was kind of ridiculous for me to drive to Austin just for a haircut, but for me it was an essential way to keep my curls looking amazing. Little did I know that I should not have made this such a big deal. The only reason I am saying this is because of DevaCurl. If you know me, then you know I was a strong DevaCurl advocate and made everyone use their products because I believed they were the best on me. Every few days, I had my particular hair washing days and I tried to keep a consistent schedule going. Mind you, I have been doing this same routine, with the same products for the past 7 years. I would wash my hair with the No-Poo and One Condition every other day. At the time, I thought these products were amazing. They were sulfate free and didn’t contain any harsh chemicals, also they were pretty pricey, so I just assumed I was using the best stuff. WRONG!!

You have no idea how sad it makes me to talk about this, but it is so true, and I want anyone who uses DevaCurl to stop immediately. In the past year or so, I have been noticing some major changes in my hair that have never been an issue before. Never in my life have I ever had oily hair or any sort of dandruff at all, so explain to me why it started to happen? Honestly, I used to wash my hair once or twice a week and I was fine. Before you even think it, of course I am a clean person and I do shower, I just do not like to wash my hair unless I absolutely have to. It is an entire process of washing and then having to put in my products and depending on the day and time I would diffuse my hair. I kid you not, I have been doing this same process since 8th grade. Literally for the past 7 years, I used the same torturous products religiously. After washing my hair, I would apply the arc angel gel or super cream to style my curls. Once a few days passed and my hair was a little flat, I would spray the mister right mist and it would revive my curls. I noticed a change whenever I started getting dandruff and I had to actually start washing my hair much more often. What really scared me was the massive amounts of hair I was losing in the shower. I would normally lose hair obviously because my curls would intertwine, and I would get really ugly knots. This was also around the time I dyed my hair for the first time, but I still took really good care of my hair, so I really didn’t understand why this was happening to me. I mean as best as I could take care of color treated hair, I was doing hydrating masks pretty often and I even tried changing my diet to get more vitamins, hoping my hair would also heel. Clearly, this hasn’t worked out for me yet.

            At the start of this week, I watched a YouTube video posted by Ayesha Malik, who was a brand ambassador for DevaCurl. In this video, she spoke her truth about her hair and my initial though process was just in shock. I could not believe the stuff that she was saying about these products. She said that she noticed she was getting really bad dandruff and her curls were not as good as they used to be. She also mentioned how she had to wash her hair much more often now, but she would lose massive amounts of hair in the shower. At this point, I was really concerned because these same issues were also happening to me, but I never really talked about them before because I was embarrassed, and I never thought the cause of my problems would be my beloved DevaCurl. In the video, she also talks about a Facebook group where thousands of women have joined, and all share the same problems. Immediately, I joined the group and lowkey cried at all of these women’s stories. There were so many cases where girls literally look bald now because they lost so much hair. DevaCurl has not made any official statements regarding this scandal, but they have cleared everyone’s purchase history. Seems a little sketchy to me that a company would completely dismiss their loyal customers after such a big issue has become public. I will share my hair care journey throughout the years and you will definitely see a major change in my curl pattern. At this point, I am kind of like a lost child whenever it come to my haircare routine. I ordered some new products by CurlSmith and I will try them out and find a routine that works best for me and I will do a follow up in the next few weeks. To all my kitties with curly hair, I am so sorry. I am sorry if you ever used DevaCurl and I am even more sorry if I introduced you to their products. Please stop using their products immediately!!

This is me 2014 in 8th grade cheesin’ really hard
January 2015. Sweet baby freshman Alli, My hair is kind frizzy and has lost some of the ringlet curls
The end of summer 2015 and I had just gotten my haircut and styled
I’M SORRY!!! November 2015 and the curls are untamable and frizzy!!! S/O to Malaina for her interpretation of me as Slash. Truly ICONIC
September 2016 and My curls are still frizzy. Nothing new
oooof November 2016, she’s still looking rough
THE FRIZZ!!! End of 2016 and the frizz is starting to get worse
This is my hair at the start of 2017, I noticed how frizzy it was and decided to do a lot of hair masks as my New Year’s Resolution, but you can actually tell a difference hahaha
March 2017. these school selfies thooooooooo, but really my hair is so frizzy.
Mid 2017. I did a thing and chopped off all my hair. I noticed it has gotten better but is still frizz city
July 2017. My hair is short as ever and I’m about to have the best summer ever in France.
August 2017. She’s back to being a frizzy disaster
2018. Senior Year. Get ready to see a new Alli that has really flat hair, so it is always in some type of updo
HAHAHA Happy 18th BDAY to me and my flat hair
April 2018, Seriously where are the curls??
May 2018, they’re back!! But only because I got them professionally styled by the one and only Elli
Literally what is going on??? May 2018
August 2018. The day KD gave me my bid, aka the best day ever. Around this time, my hair was always in this little Ariana Grande updo because it was literally so flat
September 2018. Yikes, Phi Psi Psychedelic. I was always wearing some booboo pigtails because once again the hair is still flat
OMG!!! January 2019 & I look bald
Still January 2019, in NOLA with my bestie Emma. THE TOP IS FLAT!!! NO Volume whatsoever
Aside from me and Emma being at a dirty Luau. My hair looks okay but is really flat still
Oh Heyyyy Cabo, But please notice how straight my hair is and how you can literally count my curls!!!
August 2019, I have no curl volume & I’m sad
October 2019. Dyed my hair blue and you can absolutely see no curl definition
December 2019!! My hair is wavy at this point, no longer curly
January 2020. My hair is still really frizzy but I am trying to bring the curls back
February 2020. Today. Literally my curls are not as bouncy as they used to be. I just washed my hair yesterday and they already look like they lost their shape

Winter Wondering-land

This morning I woke up and I just sat down while I was drinking my morning tea for a second to take in everything our world has to offer. Our environmental is actually so beautiful and sometimes I take for granted what a beautiful world we live in. The only thing I wish was different is the length of winter!! I absolutely do not wish for more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere though, because global warming sucks and I want to live in a healthy environment. I am counting down the days until groundhog day because I am more than ready for spring to be here. Naturally, I am cold blooded so literally every second of the day I am frozen. I’ve learned to style outfits that help keep me warm but are not so obvious that I am wearing a ridiculous amount of layers.  In the winter, I feel like my outfits are dressier and more put together than anything I would wear in the summer. That being said, my summer clothes are far more casual and easier to throw on than a bundled up winter look. However, this winter season I wanted to focus more on comfort and warmth instead of always dressing up everyday. I don’t know about you all, but in the winter it is extra hard for me to leave my warm bed to enter the cold surroundings of the outside world. With that being said, it has been so easy to just throw on a pair of pants, a random long sleeve and the infamous Docs. Me being me, I always try to add details to any of my fits to make them unique and personal to my aesthetic. 

My mom got me these fleece lined jeans from Old Navy and life has dramatically changed since. Normally I don’t wear jeans that much, but recently I have been living in them. It has been so easy for me to wear a sweater but make it Alli inspired by adding a classic band tee over it. This season I have become a layering monster by wearing at least two shirts everyday. You can easily dress up an outfit by pairing a more casual garment like jeans or corduroy with a classic long sleeve and blazer. I am also a huge fan of mixing patterns and textures, so I’ve been having a lot of fun layering different things that you typically wouldn’t pair together. This season, I actually was really drawn to corduroy, so I have a variety of pants that I tend to dress down with t-shirts. You can easily dress a nice corduroy pant up with a silky button up or a collared shirt worn open with a t-shirt underneath.

One of my favorite textiles this season is tweed. This fabric can be a more heavier weight wool or it can be just a light weight knit depending on the look you are going for. In case you don’t already know, my dream article of clothing is the one and only Chanel tweed jacket. I have literally been dreaming about this jacket since I was in 7th grade and learned about Chanel putting chains in her garments. Chanel is my favorite designer of all time because not only is she a feminist icon, she was meticulous about every detail in her designs which is why she stands out so distinctly from any knockoffs. I have a tweed blazer that is one of my go-to jackets for work. It is a super light weight tweed with satin lining, that of course was purchased at a random thrift store in Denton. A slight, sustainable fashion flex. Not a big deal.

In the Mood for Sustainability

Hello my sweet kitties, I hope life is treating you splendid. As you all know, after me talking about it nonstop, I started to work at Dillard’s!! I needed a few days to remember what it was like being a working woman and how to manage my time to accomplish everything. In the works of trying to figure all that out, but in the meantime let’s talk about the real reason you’re reading. Fashion, with an extra emphasis on the efforts of sustainability. It has been a month into 2020 and guess who still has not contributed to the unjustifiable waste caused by fast fashion, ME!! This certainly does not mean that I have completely stopped shopping, I just actually care about the workers in this industry. In class my whole perspective changed when I learned about this garment factory in Bangladesh that collapsed, which led to the deaths of at least 1200 people. The most revolting thing about this accident is the mentality of having to survive off of $63 a month and how inhumane these workers are being treated. It actually broke my heart to hear about these incidents happening all around the world and we are oblivious to seeing any negative that is not in our physical vicinity.

Typically, whenever you are online scrolling through pages and pages of garments, your initial thoughts are not going to be how much money a clothier actually makes. You are probability thinking how beautiful this shirt is for only $10!! Think about this side of the situation, the worker who spent maybe 2 hours making that top probably only made 50 cents. As average consumers, we do not pay much attention to all the different steps you must accomplish in order to have a completed article of clothing. This is ultimately the reason why fast fashion is such a popular and cheap concept, but no one actually knows the impactful effects this rapid design of clothing has on a large number of factory workers. In order for the consumer to have such cheap options for the trendiest clothing, product developer’s must cut back on their manufacturers which led to the fiber producers, then the fabric dyers and finally impacting the lives of factory workers. If consumers were actually made aware of these major flaws caused by fast fashion, than maybe individuals will be more conscious of the livelihood of others. It makes me sick how people are so unaware of the world that we live in and how simple it is to change someone’s life by changing yours.

I love to shop, I always have and always will. Just because I shop excessively, doesn’t mean I am an uncultured buyer. I always think about the influences my shopping will have on others and myself. Obviously, I like to keep up with trends and my clothing is an expression of what I think is popular at the moment. Some of you may be wondering how I stay on trend after buying secondhand clothing or not buying the cheap newest fashion looks, but I keep up in my own way. Recently, I embellished some old jeans I bought at a thrift store and created a whole new look with a half yard of fabric I got from the one and only, Mood. I added fabric to the bottom of the pants and replaced the pockets, so these jeans look completely new…even if they are from the 80s. It is possible to be a trendy shopper while also restoring Mother Nature as a sustainable consumer. This may just require you to think outside of the box and try to figure out how to redesign your over-worn clothing. There is an endless possibilities on how to create a new garment from a previous article of clothing. Everything can always be worn in a distinctly new way.

I want to encourage you all to think about other people and how your daily decisions can dramatically change someone’s life. Please just put in some extra love and be a more environmentally conscious citizen.

Young Profresh

Recently, I have a newly found inspiration for a different aesthetic in this stage of my life. This week I started a fresh job at Dillard’s and commenced my new clear bag initiative. After talking about sustainability forever, I have shifted my style mood to be a more professional and chicer vibe. Since my shopping habits changed, I have been focusing less on being trendy with fast fashion to portraying a more executive look by wearing classic styles. Don’t worry though, I will never become a corporate executive, so I always add my personal details to represent me. I’m not completely professional right now, so I’m young and proFResh. 

Of course, I’m sure you all want to hear about my new job and how it’s going so far…

I love it. It is such a different experience working in a department store and having so many coworkers to talk to. I actually got really lucky and was put in the contemporary section which actually includes some of my favorite brands like Free People and Chelsea and Violet. Obviously, you know it is a department store, they have a variety of sections, so I would have no clue what to do if I ever got put in the kids’ section. A lot of people who work at Dillard’s are older than me, so naturally they all have more polished and mature styles. I have been expanding my wardrobe to mainly focus on classy and business casual looks. However, I am still in college, so I do not have to dress professionally each day, but I try to dress up some of my more casual looks. 

            You can dress up a simple outfit to be more sophisticated by adding a blazer to redefine your everyday jeans. This can be worn oversized and unbuttoned with a tighter fitting shirt underneath to keep that effortless look. I’ve been incorporating more neutral shades and mixing patterns or color in each of my outfits, so I can tone down my outfits or not. One thing that I have done for a long time is wear a belt around my actual waist since I have a short torso. I wear high waisted jeans and pants that I bought at some thrift stores that were once men’s slacks or jeans and I turned them into workwear. Depending on the size of the pants I would cut parts of the waist out and sew them together to make it smaller. But, a huge emphasis on wearing belts because they make you look so much taller and they are an added accessory that can complete a whole look.  

            One thing I wish I was able to do at Dillard’s is take my own dang purse. Honestly, it’s not a big deal but you have to use a clear purse and I just want to bring whatever purse to match my outfit instead of a clear tote. Actually today, I got a super cute lunch box purse with a really dope face on it and I can’t wait till I can wear it. My favorite type of bag to take to work is a simple shoulder bag that can either be big or small. I especially need this since I just throw everything in my one bag. 

            I am packed tight busy working, learning, and hanging out to manage everything but I finally figured out how to properly manage my time and balance life. There have been countless times where I have so much to do, but I just procrastinate and put it off for the next day. It is very helpful if you complete your tasks throughout a period of time instead of rushing everything in one night. I noticed now I am less stressed, being more productive every day and learning a lot more by taking proper time on my school work. Hmmm, maybe I’ll do a school hacks blog. Lmao. 

Halfway Mark

Today I start my junior year in college. Let me repeat that, my junior year of college. I am already halfway through my carefree college days and to be honest with you, I’m scared. You’re probably thinking, ‘it is not a big deal you still got time,’ and you are also absolutely right. I have lots of time left to get my life completely sorted out. This semester will help me get a better understanding on the path that I want to take and what I actually want to do in the fashion industry. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed talking about it because there are so many options for me to learn more and be better at. Personally, I feel like I just have so many interests that I really need to focus on one specific thing that I’m going to just go crazy on. More recently, I’ve been focusing a lot on sewing and trying to design some clothes even though I have countless unfinished projects already. To me, sewing is just a hobby. Just a little something I like to do in my free time and blast my music. I do not plan on being a huge mama fashion designer like my girl K Smith.

One thing I am super excited about exploring this semester is product development. I recently just took a textiles class that I made an A in by the way. Let me be the first to say, fabric is no freaking joke. I studied for a ridiculous amount of hours just to make sure I actually knew my stuff. It was pretty intense having to learn so much about textiles all at once, but once you understood the concept of things it was a lot easier to make the overall picture make sense. So, after a seamster of being a slave to fabric, I actually grew to kind of like it and being able to tell someone the exact fabric they’re wearing. This semester is going to be the real test of my knowledge because I am taking a whole course on product development. I am super pumped for this because if being a trend analysis is not the right field for me, I think being a product developer could be my thing. It is sort of a combination of knowing textiles and being able to predict future trends. Maybe this could be fun for me?? IDK.

In case you all don’t know this, I am double majoring in fashion merchandising and digital retailing. Whoa, insane I know. This semester I am really starting to focus more on my digital retailing major and I’m taking several classes to help me figure out how retail is becoming so technologically advanced. I have my first ever night class and it is strictly focusing on digital platforms and website design. ;)) So, I am sure you all will soon be seeing major changes to the site. This girl is also taking a PR class and hopefully I will learn to market myself better and really take this whole blog to a completely different level.

Reflecting back on my old school routines, I really embraced the fact that I am growing up and I have to change my old daily habits. Normally, I would wake up 10 minutes before my class started, throw on a random outfit and barely make it on time or always walk in late. This decade has really opened my eyes on how I need to take advantage of each day and really focus on whatever I have to do. I promised myself that I would focus on getting proper amounts of sleep and staying on top of my diet. Shamelessly, I would literally just eat chips or snacks because I literally had no idea how to cook for myself, so you can just assume how bad my diet always was. I really want to focus on staying in shape and being healthy instead of losing weight. Yesterday, I made some veggies and chicken for the week, but instead of separating it into smaller portion containers, I just mixed it in one huge bowl. Obviously I don’t have meal prepping 100% down, but it is definitely the thought that counts and at least I will be eating real meals during the week. This morning I woke up at a pretty decent hour and I had time to do a little yoga session, drink my green tea in peace and write a little blog while still having lots of time to get ready for class. I really have no clue who this grown up Alli is, but I’m starting to like how she’s getting it all together. Right now everything is steadily going uphill and the possibilities are endless. In 5 months, we will see how much this semester has changed Alli for the better hopefully.

Fashion of the Future

Today I was inspired after I went to the art walk downtown to talk about what you all should be expecting in your fashion future this upcoming year. I went into this sweet little vintage boutique called Chels Marie. It is one of my new go to stores in Corpus because I made one of my 2020 goals to be a more sustainable shopper. Since it is a vintage store, there are a variety of one of a kind items all throughout the store. In case you don’t really know how vintage items are priced, some of them can be expensive or really cheap. It mainly depends on the brand and style of it. There was a whole collection of clothes outside the store that were all $3 and let me be the one to tell you all, I found some deals deals. 

In the upcoming months I’ll be finishing up some work that I have been doing for NuView, which is just a fashion magazine that I’m apart of at school. I am so excited to share with you all this amazing evolution of fashion across 100 years. Naturally, with everything that has inspired me, I choose to cover the 60s and 70s. So, I am extremely excited with all of the dope finds I found today at the vintage store. Don’t worry you all will see soon enough all the amazing looks I will sew and style to perfectly present the past.

My whole point on focusing so much about this store and these vintage items is to talk about what we all should be expecting in this upcoming year and decade of course. We will be expecting a lot of comfortable concepts, glitter with a lot of glam and soft, playful pastel shades. Everyone has high expectations of 2020 resembling the Roaring 1920s, but how are we actually going to pull that off? People obviously need to throw Gatsby approved events where we will be able to show off our glamour and express a new sense of style you wanted to try out this new year. Some of my favorite looks, or should I say some of my everyday fits always include some type of glitter or extra sparkles. You can definitely plan on seeing a huge spike in the amount of sparkles you will see on an everyday basis in this upcoming year. The 1920s were an insane time to live through all of the struggles that we only know as ancient history. I mean can you imagine living through the prohibition and actually living through a world freaking war. 

Wait, HOLD UP. That is sort of in a way, exactly what we’re going through. Not necessarily the same situation, but we are in the middle of a tobacco prohibition. They had a previous law where you could not buy tobacco products unless you were 21, but of course they added an improved grandfather clause. This particular clause meant that if you were over the age of 18 after a certain date, then you could still buy tobacco products because obviously they’re not going to just make you quit, right? Well recently, they adjusted the law and nobody under the age of 21 can buy any tobacco products, so yes that obviously includes swishers. HAHA. This pretty much is a prohibition for people who smoke tobacco, right?? Of course, this is old news though, but one major thing that is the newest scandal according to Twitter is World War III. We are also maybe, possibly living through the early stages of a potential world war. Do you all understand that WORLD War. Whenever I think about how life was actually like during that time, it kind of blows my mind. In no way can I even imagine living that type of life and going through their daily routines. I feel like if we went into a whole world war, our entire human popular would have no idea how to react to that much chaos with the excessive amount of technology we have today. So, aside from talking about all of the sudden infatuation on Twitter to create funny memes of a potential worldwide massacre or the increased cut back of the sell of tobacco products, we can look forward to some glamourous and glitzy blasts from the pasts that will soon be upon us again. 

2020 Vision

I’m alive. Sorry I have not written anything in weeks, I’ve been working and sleeping a lot. Finally. There is a total of 2 days left in 2019 and only 48 hours before we start a new decade. Normally I would be so dramatic and already have an elaborate plan and outfit ready to go, but this year is different. I just think it’s weird that were starting a whole new decade and the upcoming next 10 years will be the time that I’m starting to shape my whole entire life out. Since this is going to be a whole new decade, I feel that I had such elaborate expectations of what it would be like, now that the time is here it almost seems just regular to me. In the next 10 years, I hope to have a successful job, living in a place I love and be happy doing my own thing. Just one month into my 20th year of life, I have been focusing more on what I want to do in my future and what I am currently doing with my life at 20 years old. 

            Not sure if many of you know from my many posts, but I just got back from New York and of course I fell in love with the city again. After staying in the fashion district and visiting some pretty dope places, I reminded myself of my goal of living in the city and having a career I love. I have actually been dong a lot of research and trying to get an idea on what I want to do with my life. This summer I’m planning on taking some classes at FIT in New York to explore the city some more and get connected to people in the fashion industry by learning in one of the greatest locations. One of the fields that I am fascinated the most in is trend analysis and I have so many interests that make me well rounded to think on that different analytical level. To be honest, last year I did not set any resolutions or anything that I distinctly remember wanting to drastically change in my life. I have been doing a lot of thinking and I came up with some new goals and ideals that I want to focus on during this 2020 decade. Many of my goals will help make me into a better young adult and to set a firm foundation for my entire life. On a realistic note, this might sound kind of crazy to be worrying so much on my future, but I really want to accomplish crazy things and I have to start getting myself ready for that time in my life.

            My main mantra for 2020 is going to be “Never say NO.” This is just going to be a way for me to push myself out of regular comfort zone and allow myself to be open to all new things. There can be a million of new opportunities coming my way, but I have to get myself out there to get them. I plan on expanding my knowledge and reading more books starting from now on. I used to read a lot more educational books in my free time, but now all I want to do is read fashion articles and magazines instead of a good juicy book. Yesterday, I went to go see Little Women with my mom and my sister and it was such an empowering movie to watch about women just living their everyday crazy life and one sister creating a whole novel about their actions. Louisa May Alcott’s book was written and published in the 1800s and it speaks about her regular life during the union war. Thinking about it now, it is so unbelievable how different their lives were from how we live today.

            One goal that I need to focus on in 2020 is to shop significantly less and to be a more sustainable consumer. After sorting through all of my clothes, I realized that I need to buy a lot less clothing because even if I change my outfit 3 times a day, I do not need this huge number of items in my wardrobe. I decided that I will have better karma in my future and will volunteer much more of my time instead of wasting of by sleeping. This has always been a part of my life but as I started getting busy with my own life, I forgot to give back and help others. Obviously, one major goal of mine is to actual focus on my blog more and actively post my random thoughts and opinions. I also want to complete more projects and actually create the new designs that I have come up with.

            Reflecting on the past year, I have grown from the start of the year to where my state of mind is in now. I am much more focused on myself and what makes me happy. I have learned to let go of other people’s opinions about me and my main concern has just been about what makes me the best version of myself. I will continue to make positive, impactful decisions that will further lead me to my destined future. Through out this whole year, I have focused on what makes me happy and how my happiness is one of the most important things in my life. At the start of this year, I was depressed and did not have any major goals in my life. Now I am excited about my future, I have a better idea of where I want to be and how I can use my time right now to head in that direction. Here’s to the 20s.

Sophisticated and Sustainable

Everyone in our world is so obsessed with saying how “green” they are and how they are making a positive impact based on their current habits. In reality though, what are we actually doing to save the world? I hate to be the one to break it to everyone but using your reusable straw just for twitter likes or filling your reusable water bottle with plastic water bottles does nothing for the environment. This is something I am passionate about because it is so common for people in our society to hop on the environmentally conscious bandwagon, but they do not have that ecologically impactful mindset. Green consumption is a relatively new way of living a sustainable lifestyle. This is a pro-environmental, sustainable behavior that individuals practice in order to promote a greener way to live. Typical green consumption is associated with young adult consumers who have more money to spend. It is a common issue that millennials are passionate about because this is an important issue that will affect our generation. The ideal green consumer is someone who buys organic produce, has appliances with an energy star label and uses reusable shopping bags. I try my hardest each time I go to the store to remember to get my reusable bags out of my trunk or I will ask to use paper bags that I will reuse for future purposes. Some small actions I also do is reuse my plastic silver wear and don’t just toss it after one use. Whenever I go to eat, and I get a drink, I never use a lid or a straw because it is just one time use plastic that is not even necessary. Before you say it, yes, I have spilled my drinks more than one, but I still did not add to the contribute of landfill. Each time I can, I will go out of my way to recycle an item. I save my recyclables and don’t just throw them in a regular trash can for convience. Most of my friends definitely think I am crazy, but I encourage the people around me to live an active eco-friendly lifestyle and how convenience should not be a factor preventing you from being aware of your wasteful impact. There are a variety of ways to promote green consumption, but what is the realistic impact that these eco-friendly labeled products implement? Climate change has been noticed and it is more common for individuals in Gen Y and Z to be a green consumer. The demand for cheap, trendy clothes has influenced companies to create unsustainable articles of clothing. An issue about being “green” is the product’s ability to efficiently be “green” in the textile industry.  

In our rapidly changing world, sometimes we do not take a second to look around and think about our environment. Millennials and Generation Z have grown up being educated on climate science and the emphasis on how our actions undoubtedly affect our environment. When baby boomers were growing up, they did not pay much attention to the environment. However, just because the baby boomer generation was not as educated in school about the effects of climate change, they simply cannot ignore the fact that it is happening. My grandma literally does not believe in climate change and its odd because there is scientifically proven evidence of the world going downhill. Their generation does not seem to care much about being green because they believe that it is not even an issue they should worry about. However, the end may be closer than we think it will be. With temperatures rising, there is less snowpack in mountain ranges and polar areas. We have witnessed as a society, glaciers melting at a faster rate and snow melts quicker. Aside from the temperature rising, permafrost is melting which released methane into the atmosphere. In order to create an impactful change, there should be a wide range of education on climate change for all generations, so they can know their personal impact on the world.

Fast fashion has further led to the growth of consumer’s demand for products at a faster rate in which sustainable brands have yet to compare with. Mass producing clothes can be an efficient way to save money, but if their items do not sell, they create waste. In our society, being trendy is encouraged and can lead to old clothes pilling up in landfills. The main goal of green consumption is to accumulate zero waste. This is the thing that has specifically been one of my biggest problems. I admit, I am always buying new clothes and trying to stay on top of the latest trends at the time. This has led to another one of my problems of having absolutely no storage for the amount of clothes I have. I am in a constant cycle of circulating my clothes for each season and focusing on donating my old clothes that I no longer wear. Through the rapid change in fashion trends, stores like Zara, H&M, NastyGal and Forever 21, who contribute to fast fashion overproduce their supply compared to the ever-evolving consumer’s demand. Some of my favorite online stores like Nasty Gal and Princess Polly are mass producers of clothing and have a contribution to the overall landfill waste from their clothing. These companies are known as a fast fashion corporation and their designs represent the current market demand. If companies used this small action, over time we can reduce a vast amount of unnecessary landfill.

Realistically, how “green” can “green” be though? There are a variety of products that claim to be “green,” but have very little “net green” impact on the environment. Let me break that down for you. So many companies claim to sell green products and emphasize how green products have environmentally friendly attributes. Despite the eco-friendly labeled product, all goods require the extraction of natural resources and emit waste and emissions into the atmosphere during production. In order for a product to be considered “green,” its life-cycle environmental impacts are lower than regularly labeled products. The reality is clothes made from bio-based materials, like natural fibers are not environmentally sustainable since products can impact the environment during any stage of their life cycle. By using recycled materials, it is helping create a small dent in the amount of resources we use, but there are not enough recycled materials for everyone to design new clothes. Therefore, we still need to use fresh resources, so these products cannot be considered highly sustainable. Aside from the manufacturing process, the way a product ends their life cycle can affect the earth around us. This is where we can do our part to help reduce landfill waste from apparel. Some simple ways to expand the life of your clothing is to donate unwanted items or resell them to secondhand stores. You can up-cycle your own clothing to create a new look and it will be so satisfying to wear your unique design while also helping Mother Nature out. These small changes can drastically minimize the amount of new materials that companies use to create their clothes.  By donating my clothes, it has helped me get rid of some space in my closet in order to get today’s popular trends, I also donate my clothes to the homeless and if I need money I can easily sell my unwanted clothes to a resale stores. 

I encourage you all to help spread awareness about the affects of your everyday habits on the environment. There are countless ways to help do your part and no change is to small to make an impact. People can slowly change their routines in order to create a better world to flourish in.