Curl Crisis

Today I am sharing some news that has literally shocked and completely saddened me. I never really talked about my hair care routine which is basically the exact same cycle I have been doing for the past 7 years. In 8th grade I took a look in the mirror and knew that I had to change something about my look in order to revive my curls. I have always cared about my hair and whenever it started to curl in 6th grade I had to actually find a routine that worked for my curls. So, I have been going to the Orange Salon since middle school and my saving grace, Elli has always been cutting my hair. Some people thought it was kind of ridiculous for me to drive to Austin just for a haircut, but for me it was an essential way to keep my curls looking amazing. Little did I know that I should not have made this such a big deal. The only reason I am saying this is because of DevaCurl. If you know me, then you know I was a strong DevaCurl advocate and made everyone use their products because I believed they were the best on me. Every few days, I had my particular hair washing days and I tried to keep a consistent schedule going. Mind you, I have been doing this same routine, with the same products for the past 7 years. I would wash my hair with the No-Poo and One Condition every other day. At the time, I thought these products were amazing. They were sulfate free and didn’t contain any harsh chemicals, also they were pretty pricey, so I just assumed I was using the best stuff. WRONG!!

You have no idea how sad it makes me to talk about this, but it is so true, and I want anyone who uses DevaCurl to stop immediately. In the past year or so, I have been noticing some major changes in my hair that have never been an issue before. Never in my life have I ever had oily hair or any sort of dandruff at all, so explain to me why it started to happen? Honestly, I used to wash my hair once or twice a week and I was fine. Before you even think it, of course I am a clean person and I do shower, I just do not like to wash my hair unless I absolutely have to. It is an entire process of washing and then having to put in my products and depending on the day and time I would diffuse my hair. I kid you not, I have been doing this same process since 8th grade. Literally for the past 7 years, I used the same torturous products religiously. After washing my hair, I would apply the arc angel gel or super cream to style my curls. Once a few days passed and my hair was a little flat, I would spray the mister right mist and it would revive my curls. I noticed a change whenever I started getting dandruff and I had to actually start washing my hair much more often. What really scared me was the massive amounts of hair I was losing in the shower. I would normally lose hair obviously because my curls would intertwine, and I would get really ugly knots. This was also around the time I dyed my hair for the first time, but I still took really good care of my hair, so I really didn’t understand why this was happening to me. I mean as best as I could take care of color treated hair, I was doing hydrating masks pretty often and I even tried changing my diet to get more vitamins, hoping my hair would also heel. Clearly, this hasn’t worked out for me yet.

            At the start of this week, I watched a YouTube video posted by Ayesha Malik, who was a brand ambassador for DevaCurl. In this video, she spoke her truth about her hair and my initial though process was just in shock. I could not believe the stuff that she was saying about these products. She said that she noticed she was getting really bad dandruff and her curls were not as good as they used to be. She also mentioned how she had to wash her hair much more often now, but she would lose massive amounts of hair in the shower. At this point, I was really concerned because these same issues were also happening to me, but I never really talked about them before because I was embarrassed, and I never thought the cause of my problems would be my beloved DevaCurl. In the video, she also talks about a Facebook group where thousands of women have joined, and all share the same problems. Immediately, I joined the group and lowkey cried at all of these women’s stories. There were so many cases where girls literally look bald now because they lost so much hair. DevaCurl has not made any official statements regarding this scandal, but they have cleared everyone’s purchase history. Seems a little sketchy to me that a company would completely dismiss their loyal customers after such a big issue has become public. I will share my hair care journey throughout the years and you will definitely see a major change in my curl pattern. At this point, I am kind of like a lost child whenever it come to my haircare routine. I ordered some new products by CurlSmith and I will try them out and find a routine that works best for me and I will do a follow up in the next few weeks. To all my kitties with curly hair, I am so sorry. I am sorry if you ever used DevaCurl and I am even more sorry if I introduced you to their products. Please stop using their products immediately!!

This is me 2014 in 8th grade cheesin’ really hard
January 2015. Sweet baby freshman Alli, My hair is kind frizzy and has lost some of the ringlet curls
The end of summer 2015 and I had just gotten my haircut and styled
I’M SORRY!!! November 2015 and the curls are untamable and frizzy!!! S/O to Malaina for her interpretation of me as Slash. Truly ICONIC
September 2016 and My curls are still frizzy. Nothing new
oooof November 2016, she’s still looking rough
THE FRIZZ!!! End of 2016 and the frizz is starting to get worse
This is my hair at the start of 2017, I noticed how frizzy it was and decided to do a lot of hair masks as my New Year’s Resolution, but you can actually tell a difference hahaha
March 2017. these school selfies thooooooooo, but really my hair is so frizzy.
Mid 2017. I did a thing and chopped off all my hair. I noticed it has gotten better but is still frizz city
July 2017. My hair is short as ever and I’m about to have the best summer ever in France.
August 2017. She’s back to being a frizzy disaster
2018. Senior Year. Get ready to see a new Alli that has really flat hair, so it is always in some type of updo
HAHAHA Happy 18th BDAY to me and my flat hair
April 2018, Seriously where are the curls??
May 2018, they’re back!! But only because I got them professionally styled by the one and only Elli
Literally what is going on??? May 2018
August 2018. The day KD gave me my bid, aka the best day ever. Around this time, my hair was always in this little Ariana Grande updo because it was literally so flat
September 2018. Yikes, Phi Psi Psychedelic. I was always wearing some booboo pigtails because once again the hair is still flat
OMG!!! January 2019 & I look bald
Still January 2019, in NOLA with my bestie Emma. THE TOP IS FLAT!!! NO Volume whatsoever
Aside from me and Emma being at a dirty Luau. My hair looks okay but is really flat still
Oh Heyyyy Cabo, But please notice how straight my hair is and how you can literally count my curls!!!
August 2019, I have no curl volume & I’m sad
October 2019. Dyed my hair blue and you can absolutely see no curl definition
December 2019!! My hair is wavy at this point, no longer curly
January 2020. My hair is still really frizzy but I am trying to bring the curls back
February 2020. Today. Literally my curls are not as bouncy as they used to be. I just washed my hair yesterday and they already look like they lost their shape

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