In Spring 2020, I took a DRTL 2080 which is a Digital Platforms and Web Site Development in Digital Retailing. Throughout this course I learned the basics of how to use CIS and HTML coding to help build a website and change an existing site. I was able to create a website on my own using OpenCart that dealt with women empowerment, that I I included a picture down below before the group project. However, in this particular project was done in a group and we all contributed to create a complete online storefront. I was in charge of the accessory section and I created my own bundles and configurable products. We used Magento and had to navigate the backend to change the template to match the idea of what we wanted our brand to be. Here are a few screenshots from the website. From this assignment, I learned how to create attribute sets for certain products and how to create discount codes that are to be used on particular dates and items.

This is one screenshot from my opencart website. I created this website with intentions of empowering women. I created 4 different categories of clothing and included related products. All of these products are simple products that are available in different sizes.
Home page for the site
Menu option for all the categories of garments
Backend View of some assessors that include simple or configurable products
Attribute section that is separate by style of garment
This is a simple product since there isonly one option but it comes in different styles
This is a configurable product since it is the same product that comes in different colors
A look into my cart as I added in bundles, accessories and other garments
A simple product available in many sizes

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I am a college girl, looking for ways to be trendy and save money. You can see a taste of my life by my outfits and my everyday activities.

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