Dedicated to the one I Love

Hey baby kitties, I hope you all are doing amazing and learning to flourish during this really weird time. There is nothing I want more than being able to go back to a record store or a thrift shop. Meanwhile, we are all in the same boat, enjoying our time in the comfort of our homes, right. I was doing pretty good about being home, but I just miss my friends and being able to hang out with other people. 

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday and I’m kind of sad that I’m not able to hang out with her and that she has to be stuck at home. Honestly, I am so grateful I went to Tech for a little bit because I met my life long best friend. Emma is the most kind-hearted, funniest, self-assured woman I know. I am thankful for all the times she’s uplifted me when I’m down, serenaded me with her angelic voice or just talked to me on the phone for the entire day. It’s about to be a whole year after Emma convinced me to get our baby kitty tattoo. cI’ve been wanting to go to the Grand Canyon for so long and she’s the only one who’s down to get in the car right now. This crazy woman has pushed me in life to be a better version of myself and I can’t even imagine all of our insane future adventures. ❤ Love you Yemmi!!   

One new, fun, exciting thing in my life is that I’m learning French now!! How ironic that I already went to France and still just started learning. By the way, Rosetta Stone is having a special where students can get 3 months free, if you want to challenge yourself and learn a new language. The main reason I decided to start learning more French is because I was inspired after binge watching Making the Cut on Amazon with my mom. Let me tell you, this show is sensational. It is hosted by my all-time project runway forever legends Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. The concept is to boost already established brands into a globally known fashion name. To be honest, I don’t understand any of the rules in the show because there aren’t really any?? The designers buy their fabric wherever and whenever they want, and they don’t really have a specific set budget. There is also not a consistent way of being eliminated, but I like how you never know where the next challenge will be. Plus, if you to know anything about me is that I love Chanel and my goal is to have insane Chanel blazers. Soon enough.. So, naturally I knew I would love this show whenever I realized my favorite 90s Chanel icon Naomi Campbell was a judge. The entire reason I was so inspired by this show was because I definitely feel that now I have exactly what it takes to build up a badass brand. I know how to sew and some people on this design show, had no clue to how sew their own clothes. Yes, the designers were given a seamstress and they just had to create a tech pack, which in the real world that’s how it’s like to actually manufacture clothing. In my opinion, I think it is just good to have a variety of skills if you’re going to start a clothing brand. You should be able to design and break down your clothes in order to be able to sew it on your own if you have to. 

While being at home alone with nothing to do I realized that I need to be open to all the different opportunities that can potentially come my way. My entire life I had this vision of living in New York but thinking about how close that time is going to be, I’m not closing out any other probable route. I’m realizing that I’m just not mean enough to live in the city. After going out to the beach alone for the past 2 weeks, I realized how much I actually love being at the beach and my body really cannot survive in the cold. So, of course I have to be at the beach in California doing something really dope in the LA fashion scene. This will finally be me and Kenny’s time flourish together and start our sublime fashion brand in California. Obviously, right now I don’t have all my ideas planned out because I thought of all this yesterday whenever I was talking to my dad. I was ranting about how I’m just in the phase of my like where I am experiencing everything and passing the time before having to live a true adult life. Not to say that I am not absolutely loving life at the moment, but I just want to be not in school anymore!

Speaking of online school I should say, I am sort of getting swamped with assignments that just creep up on me. I am tired of having so much more work than I ever did in real person class. Do not even get me started about the group assignments because I already was not the biggest fan of collaborative work, but never having the opportunity to meet up and still having to complete a presentation is difficult, but we all have to be tested in life. One of the assignments I had for my retail merchandising class was a research essay on US wholesale market centers. Of course, I studied everything about the most interesting wholesale market places in the United States. From New York to LA and Denver back to Dallas. If this virus would not have happened, I would have gotten the opportunity to work at the Dallas market center, but I will just have to wait until the world clears back up. I learned a lot about the California Market Center and that’s when I realized that that’s where I’m going to end up. I have a really good feeling about it and I’m waiting for life to fall into place. 

Published by Allison C Dibble

I am a college girl, looking for ways to be trendy and save money. You can see a taste of my life by my outfits and my everyday activities.

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