Don’t Cast, Don’t Complain

100 years ago, Women were granted the birthright opportunity of a man to vote. It is kind of hard to imagine life 100 years ago, since we are so technologically advanced our society can barely fathom the idea of a somewhat simple life. During the 1920s (and still to this day), women were not treated as equals to men. Society did not fully understand the innovative ideas, efficiency in situations, creative power and overall knowledge that the female population have always possessed. In the 1800s women were trapped inside their houses having the responsibility of doing the house’s domestic duties. Life dramatically changed for women after World War I, because this was the first opportunity we had to define our equality to the other sex by working the same jobs they used to and managing to take care of a family all at the same time. The 1920s is whenever society was conforming to modern ways and the “new woman” was born. We know that this was the time that women challenged the societal ‘norms’ and started dressing and acting for no one, but themselves. That is the kind of empowerment we need to see.

I think that our problem overtime is that the female gender has forgotten how many women went through a true suffrage in order for us to have the rights that we do today. Women need to be reminded of all the battles that our past sisters went through to get us to this exact moment. There were men who genuinely believed the only place a woman belonged was at home and they had absolutely no right to an education or to a reputable career. Many women had to wait to attend prestigious schools and were often not even recognized for their educational accomplishments. Fast forward a century and we still do not have a woman who has been in charge of the white house.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually care about people other than women and the main thing I want in our world is the dispersal of knowledge and recognition of equality throughout mankind. If you really think about It, our society is educated and cares about things that are oblivious to the intellectual growth that our community needs. People really have no idea what the process is to vote and how you can be an informed citizen to make lawful decisions based on your political views. One thing that really needs to be changed and implemented in our school system is knowledge on how to be an active, law abiding citizen who contributes to the good in society. In high school, they never taught me when to register to vote and which county you need to be registered in while also being on top of deadlines. Whenever I turned 18, immediately I wanted to exercise my right to vote and help be a part of national decisions. I registered to vote whenever I had just turned 18 because I never wanted to miss the opportunity to exercise my right that was not just given to me. At that time, the previous presidential election had already happened, and I still had to wait another 2 years to actually participate. To me, I have always looked forward to the opportunity to vote and create change, so I did my own research on ensuring I was registered in time and I had sufficient knowledge on everyone’s views in order to cast my vote for the best candidate.

There was a previous controversy about raising the voting age to 21 and my opinion is that would create unnecessary tension and will give young adults a reason to not be too concerned with the world around them. Young adults could potentially be the largest demographic of voters who can actually implement change. Dispute your political beliefs, your voice should be heard, and you have the right to express your values. Someone once told me that everyone is a democrat until they grow up and have their opinion. Personally, I am a democrat because their ideals and values represent what I stand for and I want to be a part of a party that actually cares about humanity. The only reason why more people are democrats when they are younger is because we do not have corporate jobs and we do not typically focus our energy on economics or taxation. People tend to be in the same political party as their parents because initially, they are our first exposure to anything relating to politics. My parents are both republicans and that is one million percent not in my beliefs, so I did my own research and picked out my desired political party. One thing that really shocked me when I voted the other day is how some people actually believe other individuals should not be given the same basic human rights as them. I had to vote on if everyone should have access to affordable healthcare, advanced education and if people should be given the choice of a free trial if they commit a crime. My mind was absolutely blown at the fact that people actually think other HUMANS do not deserve the same decent living rights that ‘upper class citizens’ are born with. Lowkey, I wanted to cry because I just did not understand why people do not want someone to have a good quality life.

Young adults have the power to change the world, so why don’t you exercise the right to vote? Now, it is too late to vote in the primary election in order to see who the candidates will be for the presidential election. However, if you are an informed citizen, emphasis on being informed, you don’t want to vote for the president of the United States blinded. You can go to your local voter’s administration office and register to vote in your county in order to be given the opportunity to have a say in the future of our government. If you do not exercise your right to vote, then you have absolutely no right to complain about issues going on in our government or the idiotically actions of our president. It cost absolutely no money to take time to go and vote for what you think is right, so why are you still waiting?

Published by Allison C Dibble

I am a college girl, looking for ways to be trendy and save money. You can see a taste of my life by my outfits and my everyday activities.

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