The Introduction of a New Beginning

Hi kitties! I just want to introduce myself before you start to know everything about my upcoming life. So, I am in college right now about to finish my first year. I am a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and I am a strong advocate for Girl Power and Equality. My favorite type of food is Indian and Chinese. I am listening to music all the time and I feel off-balanced if I’m not. My all-time favorite music is from the 70s. My parents really introduced me to the greatest songs and that’s the main reason why I listen to old music more than today’s hits. I spend my free time reading Vogue and I love to seek inspiration from influencers for outfit ideas and upcoming trends. I am probably the quirkiest person ever and you’ll see soon that I am full of tragically embarrassing stories. This blog is mainly me talking about challenges that I’m going through and how to overcome all the negativity as well as my passion for fashion and how I use it to express myself freely. I’m so excited to share my life and I hope someone out there will benefit from my story.

Published by Allison C Dibble

I am a college girl, looking for ways to be trendy and save money. You can see a taste of my life by my outfits and my everyday activities.

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