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I’m going to keep you all updated on the best music and outfit ideas for the week. My goal is that this can be a way to inspire you to discover new music and maybe add something new in your closet. This week I want to focus on one item and give many options for different looks. So, I added a few ideas for new ways to wear jeans and some unique styles to help adjust to the upcoming summer heat. This past week I’ve been “accidentally” shopping on endless websites and I found the cutest inspo to wear denim different ways. I’ll also attach some links below if you want to shop the looks! I think it is so cute to have different denim instead of the basic everyday pants. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with mixing denim and adding belts to snatch the whole fit together. I thought about this and I sort of noticed that I haven’t really worn a belt until college and now I think it’s essential for every look. I feel like right now I have so many ideas to upcycle stuff in my closet but I live in a tiny dorm and couldn’t bring my sewing machine. Sneak peak: This summer I’ll be showing you all some of the trendiest ways to change up your clothes you wear all the time. Alright, so I added a picture of some trendy new ways to wear your denim and change up your everyday jeans. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that I’m kind of tall and I just want to emphasize how cute midi and maxi skirts are in general for anyone. Personally, I like the extra length over a mini skirt only because it gives you more to work with and you don’t have to worry about them shrinking in the wash which makes it impossible for me to wear it again. Longer skirts are trend that’s coming back from the 70s and early 2000s. You can dressed up or dressed down. For a more casual outfit, you can wear a midi denim skirt with some Filas and make it an everyday look. To dress a skirt up you can pair it with a pair of heels and add a scarf around one of the belt loops to mix it up. Another cute way to style your jeans is to do an exaggerated roll up instead of the essential single roll. For this look, you need to have a baggier style of denim and they should obviously be longer on you in order to roll them up. Another thing that’s cute is patches on jeans!! I literally can not stress how putting little baby patches on your jeans can personalize your clothes. I ordered this denim jacket the other day and whenever it comes in I’ll post about how I styled it. Anyways, the snakeskin patches on the knees is a way to add a touch of color to an everyday look. It is so simple to do. I had a hole in my jeans and I covered it by sewing on the fabric from the inside. All you could see outside was the fabric and no one would of known it was ripped. Now, we’re gonna talk about denim cutouts. So, it is super easy to achieve this look by cutting out your desired shape with some scissors and just hand sewing the raw edges. A unique style of jeans is the ying yang color scheme. The dark and light contrast is such a look with any kind of colored graphic tee. There is a variety of ways to have the multicolored denim, whether it be different on each leg or an added on patch. I added some links below so you can shop some denim looks and go out of your comfort zone by trying something different. I hope this post inspired you to switch up your everyday denim and be creative with your style.









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